Sunday, February 24, 2008

Too many names

Everytime I grab my group of Kindergarteners to take them to speech, I hear the same thing:

Kindergartener #1:  Ms. Speech, Ms. Speech! Hi Ms. Speech!
Kindergartener #2:  It's not Ms. Speech.  It's Ms. Queeng.

And then when I tell them I'm really Ms. King, I get this reaction:

"But you're not the king of the world!"


Erin said...

as long as they don't call you larsipoo.

grandma king said...

Ms Speech, Erin is right, I've been wondering how you came up with larsipants? What does all this have to do with King? Oh yeah, You love being a King.

Julia said...


Just don't link to me by last name, okay?

Zach and Whitney said...

HA HA! Oh kids.