Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I couldn't help myself

We already put up the Christmas tree. I know, I know, people start Christmas to early, what about Thanksgiving, blah blah. But Carden wanted to, so i caved. And it was the cutest thing ever. Carden has seen them in the store, but I'm pretty sure he never imagined we would have one in our house. I don't think he remembers anything about last christmas.

I brought out the tree and straightened all of the branches before I turned on the lights. Carden was so surprised with the lights and we over to one and tried to blow it out like a candle. So funny.

David watching the lights


Hanging the ornaments

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mother Nature Farm

There's this little farm in Gilbert, right smack in the middle of the city. I took the boys and met up with a couple of my cousins and their kids. If there are animals involved, Carden is in heaven. He does not get that from me.

Cutest face ever.

They had goats, llamas, a cow, chickens, a turkey, ducks, huge pigs, and baby pigs. There is also a hay ride, a bounce house, and a little maze made out of hay bales. we also got to decorate a pumpkin. Carden loved everything so much and would cry and cry when I made him go on to the next thing, but then he wouldn't want to leave that one either. Little boy heaven.

Hayride with the cousins

The hay maze

He loved this bounce house

We watched them throw pumpkins on the ground to break them and feed them to the pigs and goats, so now everytime Carden sees a pumpkin he tries to throw it.

Farmer Carden

Carden and the pig. Cheese!

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to be creative this year for Halloween, so just suggested making a car out of a box. And then I thought of a cop car and fire truck, since Carden is just a little obsessed with them. I spent a few weeks spray painting and cutting out, and voila! Here they are. I was just a little proud. Every one told Carden he was just the cutest thing ever (which he was) and he got lots of extra candy since he was so cute. David kept on playing with the box with his feet and covering his head so his didn't stay on for too long.

A David update...

So one day, David decided he wasn't going to poop. And then he decided that the next day and the next and the next. For a VERY long time. Not kidding, he had one decent poop and one small one in probably a month. A MONTH. WE totok him to the doctor, everything was fine. He stomach was soft, he wasn't in pain, he was still eating just fine.

To help him poop, we first tried prune juice and apple juice. Nothing. He just likes juice now. Then we tried a suppository. Again nothing. So the doctor suggested that maybe he was just absorbing all of the milk and so she suggested we start solids and give him some oatmeal and veggies.

And now I have a pooper! And an eater! Who loves food! And is a little piggy! He loves oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, zucchini, and bananas. Funny thing though-he doesn't love avacados no matter how much I try. Little stinker!

David learned to roll over all the way-back to tummy-a few weeks ago. So he is rolling all over the floor now. If he sees something he wants, he gets it. It's so strange to me because I could leave Carden on the bed until he was 9 months and never worried about him since he wasn't going to go anywhere. David is on the move though!

David LOVES to laugh. Especially during Relief Society, and especially during testimonies in Relief Society. The past two sundays David has literally been shreaking with laughter through out the entire meeting. He just laid on the floor laughing and laughing. Most people smiled, but a couple of the older ones gave me the stink eye.

still scared of the camera though...

Almost sitting up now

Birthday boy!

I'm so late to post about my little boy turning TWO!! How did this happen? Baby Carden is no more, now i have little two year old.

We had a small birthday party when my parents were in town for David's blessing. Carden got an RC truck that he LOVED for the month that it lasted. It has since gone to the dump. Poor truck.

Birthday Pie! (Josh's family tradition)

So Surprised!

At his two year old check up he was 27 lbs-50th percentile and 36 inches-90th percentile. It looks like he might have a little of his dada in him after all!

Carden just loves to scare his mama with his speech development. He tends to wait a long time to do things until just about the point i know I should worry, and then he hurries and catches up. He was still only saying one words up until about 2 weeks before his birthday, so I was getting all sorts of worried for him. But then the two word utterances started and now he's saying 3-4 words-but of course no one understand him except mama. Again, i think he just likes to worry me...

Carden is getting so brave! He used to be such a chicken about climbing down from things-now he jumps off the third step, the back of the couch, the bean bag, everything!

He is LOVING nursery. He begs to go all though sacrament. Even though he doesn't sing during nursery he is picking up all of the nursery rhymes. He loves to change the words to the "wheels on the bus." We sing the wheels on the cop car, school bus, city bus, cement mixer, yellow school bus, "mack" truck, etc. If it's something that you drive, we sing the song to it. Also, every time he sees a picture of Jesus he sings the "sunBEEP" song. SO cute.

This kid could spend all day outside. He loves helping his Daddy work on the yard. He loves digging in the dirt and making messes. I try so hard to keep the inside toys from going outside in the dirt, but it's just not working so well. He is just determined to remind me that he is a boy and makes messes! here's the proof:

ice cream, pizza, and dirt (and it all came out in the wash.)

A pair of socks i found outside. i'm pretty sure this was the first time he had worn them. sigh.