Monday, January 12, 2015

15 months and full of TROUBLE!


Weight-20 lbs, 8 oz/ 18%
Length-30.5 in/25%

So he's still a peanut.  But oh so much trouble.

Tanner so far:

Swallowed a battery
Eaten a berry off of a random bush
Shoved 8 Hungry Hippos marbles in his mouth
Swallowed shampoo
Swallowed oil out of a scented oil warmer
Eaten crayons, glue, sand, rocks, glitter, styrofoam, and dog food (many, many times)
Still doesn't like actual, normal people food
Runs and trips into walls or the floor on a regular basis
Jumps off of the couch
Climbs on the counter and table
Screams if he doesn't get a treat like his brothers
Forgets to sit down before he tumbles down the slide
Tumbled all the way down the stairs
Pushes chairs, stools, and dump trucks ALL OVER THE HOUSE to climb up and get what he wants
Uses the dog as a step stool
Uses a sword to knock whatever he wants off of the counter if I don't get it fast enough for him
Uses his brothers faces, or stomach, or back as a whoopie cushion
Laughs when you tell him no
Had the nurse at the doctors office comment several times on his unnatural strength, while fighting his shots
Plays ninjas with his brothers
Prefers a bowl and spatulas for his toys
Has the entire world loving his scrunchie smile
Easiest kid to love.

Especially now that he's sleeping through the night :)

Fun in the sun!

This is why we live in Arizona.  The weather is amazing and we spend hours outside.  We have about 5 awesome parks within 10 minutes of us and we just can't get enough!

Discovery Park.  We discovered a bike trail and since we didn't have our bikes they wanted to run up and down it about 10 times.  They both took good naps that day :)

Sand table fun. 

Flying airplanes at Discovery Park

 Or eating them.  You know, whatever works. 

Mesa Riverview Park.  It's farther away but we love it.  

Chillin with neighbors in the front yard

 Bug catching

 I am not even kidding this was the biggest grasshopper I have ever seen.  Close to four inches long, it was GINORMOUS. 

Digging in the dirt/burying apples for worms with our friends

It's always so sad when summer comes.  You know, in February.  

5 going on 25...

Carden can ride our electric motorcycle and now thinks he's all grown up and doesn't have to listen to mom anymore.  Ok, not really, but seriously he does think he's ready to start driving on the road now.  I wish I could say I don't approve, but I love motorcycles too much. 

Happy Christmas season!

We went to Josh's work carnival and...

Waited in line for an hour to get an awesome snowman face painting.  Then cried over a lost toy and fell asleep on the way home so it was smeared after less time than we waited in line.  All for this one picture.  Not. worth. it.

 Arts and crafts with friends:

Fun carnival rides:

Went to a friend's house to make an awesome gingerbread house that lasted all christmas season long:

Scary eyes!

Sang Christmas carols with the preschool class:

Fun rudolph noses :)

What?! I'm from Arizona!

Someone doesn't like snow very much.  At least not this time.  Target brought in the saddest pike of snow I've ever seen.  About 10,000 kids all came to see this little square of snow and try to sled on it.  Seriously, it was the saddest thing I've ever seen. All of these poor kids in Arizona who never get to see any real snow.  David did eventually warm up to it and had some fun playing in it, but Tanner hated it the whole time.  

The best part about it was a balloon artist who came and made the most incredible balloon designs.  Tanner got a snake to keep it easy, David had a bat, and Carden had a monster truck.  This was about a month ago and yesterday David told me about "the bad guys who came into our house and stole his bat balloon and need to go to jail." So I guess I'm headed to jail.  :)

Children's Museum of Phoenix

We don't usually go here because it's super expensive, but there was a Groupon awhile ago so I decided it was time.  Grandma Sharon got to come too, otherwise we wouldn't have survived with Tanner.  The museum is awesome and huge and they boys loved it of course.  

The giant vaccuum for scarves.  There were scarves flying everywhere

A weird boat/treehouse thing.  They could have spent the entire day here. 

This used to be a castle made from normal cardboard.  After 3 years of painting by lots of kids it has turned into this awesome mess.  It seriously looks so cool. 

The bike wash

David thought he was so big to give everyone a ride.

Who wants a hot dog?

There's a fan at the top of the cactus.  You would stick owls on the cactus and wind them to the top and the fan would send the flying.  My favorite part in the museum. 

Scooping beans at the grocery store. 

We'll have to do this one again, it was way too much fun!

Crafting...Carden style

We go to a children's museum in Mesa and they always have fun, super simple crafts that are usually made out of recyclable materials you could find at home.  The last time we went they could make a christmas ornament out of an egg carton.  Carden of course, loved it.  The next morning he was unusually quiet and busy while I slept in.  I woke up to this:

Two egg cartons cut into small pieces so all of his friends could make ornaments.  And then the next morning he did it again.  This kid kills me.

This is the face a baby who decided to eat a battery....

You would think he would have learned his lesson, but a week later he ate a scented oil warmer.  it's be a miracle if this one survives....