Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Happy Happy Friday Joshy Dear"

This is the song Josh was singing to himself this morning as he was getting ready for work. He loves the weeks where he doesn't have to work on Friday. I had to laugh.

I always take Maggie for a walk in the morning and we try to leave at the same time Josh does. Except Maggie has a hard time understanding why she doesn't get to go in the car with Josh. I'm pretty sure she thinks that Josh is going to play with her brother Bear or to some magical land where puppies only eat people food. Poor girl.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I think I deserve an award for this...

Josh had his much anticipated Halo part last night. 12 guys, 6 tvs, pizza and drinks...until 3 in the morning. And not one word of complaint from me! (Thank goodness for Di coming over to watch a chick flick with me).

Friday, August 21, 2009


I've always claimed to be part-granola. Not full blown hippie-just in a couple of ways. I'll admit though, that the granola part of me has shrunk significantly since getting married. Well, now it's back baby!

I've decided to use cloth diapers. I have brought this up with Josh so many times since getting pregnant, but he was always too grossed out to even begin to think about it. I tried explaining to him that they're different now-it's not like you use diaper pins and those little plastic bottoms. They're DIFFERENT. But he still wouldn't agree. And then some friends of ours made the switch (thank you Alicia!) and Josh got to actually see them. Of course the first thing he says is "That's a cloth diaper? They're different than I thought."


Before everyone starts to tell me how crazy I am about this, let me tell you I've done the research. For about a year now I've been doing the research. And there are so so soooo many benefits to cloth:

1. NO diaper rash. Seriously. You aren't supposed to use the cream because it ruins the material and guess what-it's not needed!

2. NO blow-outs. Yep, with cloth all those nasty up-the-back-all-over-the crib-and-clothes-and mommy-explosions? They're gone!

3. Fewer leaks. Most people say that the only time they leak is when they wait too long between changings, which any diaper will leak if that happens.

4. $$$$$ savings! Since we're down to one paycheck now, Josh and I are getting to live the poor life (which, btw-it sucks). BUT-cloth diapers come in a one size fits all (seriously-birth to potty trained!) so we're looking at $200 compared to $1500. Serious money savings.

5. Potty training=easy! and fun! Ok, just kidding about the fun part, but apparently cloth wearing kids are more aware of them, so they tend to potty train much earlier and easier. Sounds good to me!

6. And finally, The Cute Factor. Oh my gosh! Look at these! Seriously-Cow print diapers?!! It's not even a diaper as much as it is a fashion statement. My baby's bum will totally be cuter than your baby's bum!
Now don't get me wrong-there are definite benefits to disposable as well and we will still use them on vacations and stuff. They also say that cloth works best on babies that are bigger than 10 lbs, so we'll be using disposables for the first couple months.

For those who are concerned about the poop and washing and the Grossness Factor, read what the Advice Smackdown has to say about it. And then convert. Because everyone who does LOVES IT!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Remember that one time when I complained about how my baby's room was a complete disaster and that I only had like 3 months left to get it ready? Ha! If only I had known... A few weeks ago, I was in the baby's room and noticed that the ceiling looked like it had water damage, so we had an A/C guy come out and yep, we had a clog somewhere and it had been slowly leaking all over the ceiling. OF COURSE the A/C unit is right above the baby's room. Of course it is.

So lucky Josh got to tear down part of the ceiling in order to remove the water damage. We had a mold guy come over and luckily there wasn't any significant mold damage that needed to be removed.

Here's Josh cutting away at the ceiling. At first we thought the hole was only going to be this big:

And then Josh kept on finding more water damage, so it ended up a lot bigger than we had planned. Oh well, at least we're getting it all out.

Here's the huge pile of insulation on the floor. We didn't really think this part through as much as we should had. We needed to remove the insulation just in case there was mold in it, but we hadn't expected there to be quite so much.

But don't worry, it cleaned right up thanks to the world greatest vacuum!:

I don't know if I've talked about how wonderful our Dyson Animal is, but seriously. It's amazing. Totally worth the money!

I tried to cover all the baby stuff with plastic, but it didn't do much good. So now I get to wash all the crib sheets and baby clothes again.

Poor Josh hasn't had a weekend off in months now. And he definitely won't have one once the baby comes :) It's just one project after another. Sigh. I think we've decided our next house will be an apartment. So much easier! :)

Oh yeah. Good thing we only have SIX WEEKS to take care of all of this!