Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Halloween!

From a couple of castle crashers, a ninja, and a flamingo.  The castle crashers won First place in the judge's pick category for the costume contest at Josh's work party and were beyond excited.  Everyone had a buck full of candy after only making it around 1/2 of our little neighborhood.  Candy for days around here! 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chloe and Tanner...

They find so many ways to stay entertained while their brothers are at school. 

Make messes:
Powdered sugar mess on Tanner

Taking wipes out is always fun!

Riding broom horses

So many park dates

Errands, errands, and more errands!

 Rides on the school bus

Unanswered questions...

How did a sock get in my mini-vac?  And how did I not even notice?

4th child problems...

It's just going to end up on the floor anyway, so why not just start there?

Tanner turns 3!

Oh, my Tan-Tan.  There is so much to say about this little guy.  I've never met a kid with more personality. Life is never boring if Tanner is around.  A little about him...

He misses his brothers all day, every day.  "Is it time to get my broders?" multiple times a day
He watches out for Chloe and keeps her from choking on things, or knocking down his blocks, or touching his toys, or looking at him wrong, etc. :)
This world is the Tanner show and we are all just characters in his play.
He is still a horrible eater.  He will eat anything, but only when wants to, which is pretty much never.
He loves music and the guitar.
He sings to himself in the car.
He loves to play super heros with David and annoy Carden.
He knows just how to get out of trouble.  It's that grin of his, dang it!
He can be very shy when meeting new kids and is scared that they're all going to take his toys. 
He finally starting watching TV a little after he turned 2.  Before that he wouldn't watch anything. and since he stopped napping at 18 month, it was basically all sorts of awesome. 
He started a tumbling class and he teacher said (and I quote) "He is really smart!" Yeah, that's my boy!
He loves construction trucks, motorcycles, stories, dress-up, shoes, bags, trains, apples, sandwiches, collections, rocks, acorns, dirt, water, super heros, ball, swimming, friends, school, playing pretend, his daddy, rackets, tag, hide and seek, pink, blue, errands, McDonalds, chase, tickles, sword fighting, helping with dishes, piano, singing, jumping, parks, and everything else that is on this earth.
Life. This kid just loves life so much. 

These pictures right here pretty much sum up all that is Tanner:

Chloe's blessing-Feb 2016

I'm so behind with this blogging thing...

We blessed Chloe at home, with both of our families there. 

Chloe is wearing my blessing gown here.  She wasn't blessed in it, but my mom brought it later for her to try on.  

Funny Tanner

During the Carden and David's tumbling class, Tanner and I sit and watch all of the old guys play raquetball.  Tanner has made so many friends now.  There's one grandpa who is so patient with him and answer all of Tanner's 10,000 questions.

"What's that?"
"A raquet"

"Where did you got that racket?"
"The store"

"Where did you get that racket?"
"At a sporting goods store."

"I have a racket at my house. Where did you got that racket?"
"The store."

"What's that?"
"A raquet"

"Where did you got that racket?"
"The store"

"Where did you get that racket?"
"At a sporting goods store."

"I have a racket at my house. Where did you got that racket?"
"The store."

Lather. Rinse. Repeat at least 20 times.

Last week Tanner brought his own ball and racket and played in the hallway with one of the guys for about 15 minutes.  I tell you what, that smile of his makes him so easy to love!

Rock Climbing! (attempts)

Carden and David just started a tumbling class at the rec center in Gilbert.  We have about an hour between school ending and class beginning, so last week I let them do the climbing wall at the rec center.  They were way more scared that I thought they would be.  Towards the end they climbed a little higher, but I was laughing at how scared they were.  They still went way higher than I would have though...

Chloe 6 months-May 2016

I'm so behind on blogging, so I'm forgetting all of the cute things Chloe was doing at this age! But what I do remember:

She has 4 teeth
She loves to smile
She is a drool, drool baby! (check out all of those shirts!
She always wears a headband.  All day, every day, so she'll wear it she's older and bald :(
She finally fits in her dress that Grammy made her.
She wears 0-3 month clothes still, I switched her right after she turned 6 months. 
She is scooting and army crawling all over the place. 
No food, yet, She still just likes her milk
She loves to take a bath
And she still hates her car seat.  Life is awesome with that.

Such a happy baby! Chloe really is so long as she's being held and has her mama's undivided attention, she is all smiles :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chloe-4 months

Weight 11 lbs, 8.2 oz- 1st percentile
Length 24.25 in-  17th percentile

She's growing! Not very fast, but she is now on the charts! Having her tongue clipped has helped a lot, I can tell she's getting more milk.

At four months Chloe is now:

Rolling all over the place, front and back
Starting to army crawl (yikes!)
Laughs and smiles at her brothers
I think David is her favorite (Shhhh! Don't tell Carden!)
Cut her first two teeth.
Still wearing 0-3 month clothes.
Loves to stand, which makes it hard for her brothers to hold her
Loves a bath
She still sleeps with mom and dad so she's not even close to sleeping through the night.

I took this one so I could document how much hair she still had.  My boys were bald this point.  Fingers crossed her hair comes in sooner!