Saturday, November 8, 2014

I am ONE!

Some stats on our big baby:

Weight: 19 lbs. 14 oz  22%
Length: 29.5 in. 24%
Teeth: 11
Walking: Yes! too much! At 10 months and I haven't sat down since!
Loves:  pots and pans, wooden spoons, motorcycle rides, climbing on the quad, the hose, bath time, shoes (because they mean OUTSIDE!! YAY!!), kisses, nursing, brothers, climbing on chairs and the table, popcorn, grapes. suckers, cheese, spoons, tooth brushes, climbing on brothers, peek-a-boo and lots and lots of smiles!
Words: mama, dada, signing more and shoes.  
Dislikes: all foods that are apparently safe, getting dressed, diaper changes, closed doors, car rides, being told no, not climbing, upside down chairs, child proof locks, sleeping in his crib.  

Carden decided to give Tanner his favorite blue blankie.  I'm pretty sure Carden also gave it to David at one point.  Silly Carden.  He also gave him an old phone that Josh picked up from work on day.  It doesn't have a battery, but the kids like to carry it around, so Carden decided to gift it to Tanner.  It was a hit though! 

Tanner also got wooden spoons, they were also a hit.:

Overall, it was a happy birthday to our big boy!

Yeah, I got few weird looks.

 But why can't they have a cart that fits 3 kids?!~

Working hard.

Gosh he's cute!

Vertuccio Farms

THis was our first time for the fall festival at Vertuccio Farms, a small farm around here witha pumpkin patch, corn maze, and fun things for the kids.  Of course we loved it. We went on Halloween, which was unfortunately about 90 degrees.  The kids would have stayed all day, but I was too dang hot! 

Tractor Ride

David is one cow and half of a pig tall. 

The corn maze.  Luckily they had a short one for little kids, otherwise Carden would have been disappointed.

Carden is one cow and 3/4 of a pig tall. 

The spider web!

And this was the high light of the day, as I have two children that are beyond obsessed with water.  Not just water though, it's the movement and the path of water that is the most fascinating.  So they got to pump the water on to the half-pipe and it ran down to the other side.  They just sent the ducks back and forth.  Hours of entertainment here.

OK, this was scary for me.  David was hesitant to go down this slide, but Carden had no fear.  I was scared to go down, too.  I went down once with Tanner, and he loved it, but I was done after one time.  

The giant pillow! Like a bounce house, but just a pillow.  It was awesome.  

And of course, the classic train ride.  I think it will always be a favorite.  

Good times at the farm this year.


We love bugs round here.  At least the boys do, Mama not so much.  Carden has become a pro at catching all bugs.  He has caught several crickets, geckos, spiders and grass hoppers.  Here he is using his net to catch a grasshopper, but he can usually just catch them with his hands.  One day I heard a cricket upstairs in our bedroom and Carden was able to find it under some clothes and catch it and take it outside.  Have I mentioned how much I love this?   I no longer have to kill spiders in my house.  Nope,Carden won't even allow me to.  I just scream a little and he comes running, demanding that I not touch it so he can.  Ok by me!!

Speaking of bugs, we have had some pretty insane ones around here.  The grasshopper in this net was at least 3 inches long, I am not even kidding at all.  Biggest grasshopper I have ever seen.  WE also have had a ton of HUGE butterflies, most of them dead or dying.  The boys found one outside and it was the size of Carden's hands. It was almost dead so they could pick it up.  I wonder what's going on around here...

Peek a boo!

This kid is a ham.  He thinks he is soooo cute.  And is completely obsessed with my kitchen stuff.  Little stinker!

I. am. a. robot.

Happy Halloween!  So, theses pictures don't really do their costumes justice.  They looked way cooler in real life.  The words "awesome" "cool" and even "sick" are just the tip of the ice berg for the comments these boys got.  There is just something about glow sticks (which you can't see very well in the picture) that makes for an awesome robot costume.  

Unfortunately, they weren't very comfortable.  The kids made it around the block and were toast.  Fine with us, they got plenty of candy for Josh and I to munch on.  Muahahaha!!

So, I forgot to take pictures of just hte boys at the beginning of hte night.  And when we got in the car to head home, it was pretty late and the boys were grumpy.  But I had to take pictures that night, because the glow sticks would be out in the morning.  So I threatened to take away all of their candy if they didn't put their costumes back on when we got home.  You can tell just how happy David was about this.  They were so tired, but I got my picture!

We went with some friends, so we also had a bumble bee, optimus prime, and tinker bell join us.  It was great fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"I love power rangers"

"Power Rangers are the best people! They are awesome!"--David

If someone had told me 25 years ago that I would one day be playing Power Rangers, I would have called them crazy.  And now it is my life.  At least I don't have to be the "mooger" (bad guy).  Tanner always gets to play that role :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

"You got sad at me"

A classic David tantrum right here.  

It's Raining!

Epic rainstorms here in AZ.  Epic once in a lifetime rain around here.  And we loved every second of it!

Except for Maggie.  I don't think she liked it at all, poor girl.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Wyoming style! We stopped at a McDonald's in Evanston, WY on our Utah trip and Carden and David were both so confused.  "What are those, Mom?" Ha ha, looks like we need to ride a few more horses around here. 

An oldie but a goodie...

 Cause there is no shame in walking home with only a shirt on. No shame at all.

 From Sep 2013

Monday, September 8, 2014

We made it...

to Utah! It's only been two and a half years. Oops.  So we had a busy busy week, of course trying to cram everything into 10 days, but it was worth it and the kids had a blast.  They were very very happy to be home though and not driving. They were troopers though and did great!

We first went to Lehi, where Josh lived during high school. We went to American Fork Canyon and played in the freezing cold water. The boys loved it though!

So after the reunion, we made the trek to Manila to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa.  We went to Dinosaur Land in Vernal, camping, and played at the elementary school gym every night.  The kids loved it all but I think their favorite was the gym.  

Dinosaur Quarry.  Behind them is a mountain of dinosaur bones. If only the boys knew what they were looking at...

Fishing at Sheep Creek and Moose pond. The boys loved loved the fishing.  Even though they didn't catch anything they wanted to go again and again.

The boys loved going to Utah, but I think they can wait to go back.  They still need to forget how long the car ride was.