Saturday, November 8, 2014


We love bugs round here.  At least the boys do, Mama not so much.  Carden has become a pro at catching all bugs.  He has caught several crickets, geckos, spiders and grass hoppers.  Here he is using his net to catch a grasshopper, but he can usually just catch them with his hands.  One day I heard a cricket upstairs in our bedroom and Carden was able to find it under some clothes and catch it and take it outside.  Have I mentioned how much I love this?   I no longer have to kill spiders in my house.  Nope,Carden won't even allow me to.  I just scream a little and he comes running, demanding that I not touch it so he can.  Ok by me!!

Speaking of bugs, we have had some pretty insane ones around here.  The grasshopper in this net was at least 3 inches long, I am not even kidding at all.  Biggest grasshopper I have ever seen.  WE also have had a ton of HUGE butterflies, most of them dead or dying.  The boys found one outside and it was the size of Carden's hands. It was almost dead so they could pick it up.  I wonder what's going on around here...

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