Friday, July 6, 2012


I miss Utah.  I miss green grass everywhere, I miss how friendly people are and how everyone knows their neighbors.  Here in Arizona everyone has their little tiny patch of grass (if that) that's surrounded by cement curbing and then the rest of the yard is rock.  And everyone has their cinder block fences separating them from their neighbors so you never get to meet anyone.

Anyway.  We took a trip to Utah for my now annual Utah State roomies reunion.  Josh couldn't come because of school so I took the kids and made a looong vacation out of it.  We saw probably too many people and both kids were having breakdowns the last few days of the trip.  

After a long car drive with my mom (the kids were angels though!) our first stop was the ride the Heber Creeper with my sister.  Carden was of course in heaven.  He had been talking about riding a "real train" for months before.  

Giving his ticket to the conductor

 So happy to be there

 There were a couple other little two year old boys who loved trains as much as Carden.  They were so cute standing there together. 

After the train ride we went to Manila and stayed there for a few days.  Carden loved the cows and horses and the baby bunny that lived in my parents' wood pile.  He did not love the wind however.  He almost lost it when we were at the park with my high school friends.  I understand son.  I hate it too.

My parents work at the school so we would go play ball in the elementary gym at night.  Carden asked to go every night we were there.

Davey really started walking up in Utah.  He's been on the move ever since!

After my parents we went to visit my aunt and grandma at my cousin's graduation, then headed to Logan to see the family I worked for all through college.  It was so much fun to be in Logan again and see how big the kids are now! We went to the American Heritage Center first and then that night had a camp fire at second dam.

I love this picture of David.  The kid is seriously in love with all animals. 

Carden's typical cheese face.  I think it's getting worse!

After Logan we stayed with my friend Angie and played with their kids.  I didn't get many pictures bu we went to the new City Creek mall and everyone loved the fountains.  

 This was at the children's part of the church history museum.  It was great!

The whole reason for the trip was to see my roomies and their kids and this is the only picture I got:

 So sad! It wasn't just me who forgot, no one took any pictures! I think it was something to do with all of the crazy kids running around.  So fun to see everyone though.  Can't wait until next year!


"I going pee pee going standing up like Daddy does."  Every. Single. Time.


"What do doin, Dosh?" (Josh)

"Banoon" (Balloon)

"Where my red poo poo fire truck?" (A reward for potty training)

"I want purple pancakes".  Or I want purple pants.  Or purple whatever.

"Mom, talk to the book" (instead of read a book)

"Carden what did you dream about last night?"  "I dream about sponge bob swimming."  The only thing he ever dreams about.

"I get gum when I five."

"All cars sick.  They going to the car doctor."

Seriously.  Two years olds are awesome.