Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last weekend Josh and I went to Flagstaff to visit some friends. Yes, there actually is snow in Arizona. Who knew? And Josh had so much fun in the snow, he's decided he wants to live there forever. Psych!

We brought Josh's dad's quad with us.  (BTW, down here in AZ its a quad-not a 4-wheeler.  Duh).


Can anyone guess what they're trying to spell here?  (Hint:  It was Josh's idea and is starts with 'p').

Snow Angels

The coolest snowman ever

A video of Tyler smashing the coolest snowman ever with his quad. (Again:  Josh's idea)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny Story...

My department at work decided to have a secret santa between the staff this year.  The rules for secret santa were that you were supposed to buy five little presents ($5 each) and one big present ($15) for the name you drew.  I decided to not be a Secret Santa because a) I would end up with 6 cheap presents that I did not want b) I would have to find the time to buy 6 crappy cheap presents for someone else, and c) we're trying to conserve money and $40 is a lot of money to spend on someone you only see at work (aka: I'm cheap).

So then the next thing I know, one of my co-workers put my name in the drawing anyway, even though I had never said I would participate.  So I had to them her no thanks I don't want to do this, but it was too late, they had already drawn names.  Then they had to make this huge announcement in front of everyone that I wasn't participating.  As if that wasn't enough, the person who drew me wasn't there, so they wrote it up in HUGE letters on the blackboard that LAURA IS NOT PARTICIPATING IN SECRET SANTA AND WHOEVER DREW HER NAME NEEDS TO GET A NEW ONE.  And then left it there for a week.


Talk about feeling like the scrooge of the office.  

Monday, December 15, 2008

My life must be boring. . .

I've been sitting in front of my computer for 20 minutes now trying to think of something, ANYthing, to post about.  And the only thing I came up with was the one of my psuedo-child Maggie below.  Something exciting/interesting/not-normal had better happen soon so I can update my blog!  
My sister-in-law took this picture of Maggie over Thanksgiving. Seriously.  Cutest dog.  Ever.  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last night I woke up to this big thump on the floor.  I could vaguely remember rolling over and hitting something with my hand.  So I looked down and there was poor Maggie, looking dazed after I basically threw her off the bed.  Poor girl.  And now I know that once we have kids, we will not be a family that co-sleeps.  As my family and all of my roommates know, I cannot be responsible for what I do when I'm sleeping.    

Monday, December 1, 2008

"These mashed potatoes are so creamy..."

"Mary mashed them!"

It's December now, which means it's officially Christmas! And that means it's time to break out the classics:  Elf, Home Alone, and While You Were Sleeping.  One Christmas I had the flu and watched Elf four times in one day.  It was awesome and yes, I still love the movie.  

The only problem is that most of these Christmas movies are chic flicks and Josh is the only person I have to watch them with.  So all I get to hear is "That is so fake!" "Seriously, why do girls like this?"  and on and on and on.  Yay.  And this is the reason I rarely make Josh watch movies with me.  Sigh.  Anyone wanna come over and watch "White Christmas" with me?