Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet T-Rex and Boulder

The newest pets to join our family.  And boy are they popular!! Who know that sitting and watching turtles sleep could be so exciting?  Or is our life just that boring?

The kids are both in love.  We left for a weekend trip the day after we got them and the kids asked about the non-stop and were so excited to come home and see them.  Hopefully they'll survive!

"I want to show Daddy the great big huge watermelon i found in the garden!"

Carden just didn't understand why I wasn't so happy about this...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Child labor law are overrated

My kids love to work!! The tantrums come when I won't let them!

 Workin' hard

 What the dishwasher looks like when a 3 year old loads it.

 Cheese face?  I think?..

 It's alway a good day when your clothes are soaked!

 Silly mopping

Saddest Pirate in the World...

Carden has pink eye and a double ear infection and he is one sad little puppy dog.  I made him wear the patch during naptime to try and keep it from spreading everywhere.   He was not very happy about the patch, to say the least. 


Saddest face ever.


(headed home from the zoo)
Me: No Sleeping No sleeping NO SLEEPING!
David: (heavy eyes)
D: (Heavier eyes)
Me: (starts throwing carrots back at him) DAVEY NOOO!
D: (out cold)
Me: LOOK! Trucks! 

Works every time.

Carden: Mom, have you seen a wardus? 
Me: you mean a walrus?
C: No a wardus.
Me: I don't know what that is...
C: It's something that takes the tables outside and puts them in the trees and bushes. You should see one. They're very nice.

Are all three year old's this random or just mine?