Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Utah State Hey! Aggies All the Way!

Anyone who knows me from my college years knows that I love. Love. LOVE Utah State basketball.  (Especially David Pak. But that is another story entirely).  So you can imagine my joy to find out that they are currently a ranked basketball team again. # 17! Whoot-whoot!

 I am just so sad to be missing it.  I never once missed a basketball game. I always wore my A-game team shirt and cheered and hit the person sitting next to me whenever they did something awesome. Which was all the time.  Which explains why no one liked sitting by me at basketball games.  

So the greatest moment in USU basketball history though, was back in January of 2006.  I had already graduated, but came back for the game, and guess who got to be in a free throw contest during half-time?! That's right and I WON! A free pizza from Papa Johns! Yeah, it was awesome. Sometimes I really miss my college days.  We're just excited for the day when we move back there and get season tickets, right Josh? Right?