Monday, September 17, 2012

Strawberry Cabin

My mom just bought part of her mom's cabin in Strawberry, AZ so we decided to take advantage of it and go up for the weekend.  Josh couldn't make it but it was still fun! We went with some friends and Carden was so excited to have his friends Ty to play with. There's a river with a swimming hole we took the kids to  It would have been much more fun if Josh was there.  Carden loves swimming with his Daddy, so we'll definitely have to go again.  Bad light for all of the pictures, so it's hard to see faces.  Boo. 

Here's pretty much the only picture I got with all three of the boys.  Everyone looking in different directions-sounds about right!

Then we went to a goat farm.  It wasn't quite as much fun as it was last time we went up there.  We didn't get to see the milking and the lady was kind of a grump with the kids.  Oh well.

 Dig deeper, Carden.

There you go.  Good job, son.

Feeding the goats some hay

David was definitely a fan.  

Good times in Strawberry! We'll be going lots I think.


Trouble, Trouble...

I go upstairs for two seconds and this is what I come back to! I'm pretty sure he had an accomplice though, since the bag was on the table where he couldn't reach it. Hmmmm....


Carden:  Mom, where is the sun's toothbrush?
Me:  The sun doesn't have a toothbrush honey.
Carden: Why?
Me: Well, because it doesn't have any teeth..
Carden:  Why?
Me: It doesn't have a mouth
Carden:  but WHHHYYYY?
Me: It doesn't need a mouth. The sun doesn't eat anything.
Carden:  Why?
Me: Because it's not a person.  It's the sun!
Carden:  Why, mama?  WHY?
Me: Just because! No more whys!  No more questions!

He makes up his own words to songs all the time now.  His latest favorite is the tune "Oh Christmas tree"
While playing with his toys: "Oh cement mixer, Oh cement mixer!"
At the grocery story:  "Oh Applesauce Oh Applesauce!"

I can't believe he's almost three now!