Thursday, February 27, 2014

Four months for the Tan-man!

Four month stats:  
14 lbs, 1 oz -18th%
24.74 in.-25th%
Head-don't remember, but 7%.

Which basically means we have a little peanut over here.  For a chunky as his thighs are, he's a lot smaller than we thought! But dang he is a cutie. Everywhere we go, people make comments.  In church I overheard the young women talking to each other "Oh my gosh, that is the cutest baby I have ever seen!"  Yeah, I can deal with that :)

A little about the little man:

He smiles.  A lot.  Like, all the time.

Only has eyes for his mama. Lately, he's been paying more attention to his fun brothers, but he still likes to keep his eyes on mom at all times.

He acts like he's ready for food, but I am just not ready for that! I usually hold him while I'm eating and he always moves his mouth towards the spoon.  I let him try spaghetti sauce the other day and after the initial shock I think he really liked it.  

He rolls. And rolls.  He is definitely my most active kid.  I'll put him down and couple minutes later he is nowhere near where I left him.  At four months, what?! So not expecting this. 

He's trying to push with his feet, like a little army scoot already.  Time for baby proofing!

If there is a hand close by, Tanner will eat it.  Carden and David let him chew on their hands tonight and they thought it was the funniest thing ever.  I've been saying for 6 weeks now that he's teething, but nothing has come yet. 

Drool baby.  We go through several bibs a day.  Again with the non-existent teething!

He's definitely my most "spoiled" baby.  After dealing with David and his sleeping problems that could not be solved, I decided that I would do whatever it takes for me to get some sleep.  So that basically means that Tanner sleeps with me every night.  Boy, he is one happy little baby in the morning! 

Because of this, he sleeps in longer than Carden and David ever did and also wakes up happier.  Right now I say its totally worth it....we'll see what I say when I try to get him in his own room.  :)

His favorite game is peek-a-boo. He laughs every time. 

Super ticklish. 

Big blues. 

Definitely a keeper. 

Three-month pictures.  You can tell cause he still has some hair left...

 Hello beautiful!

Four months

 There is nothing cuter than a baby in a hooded towel, I tell you what!

 Except for maybe this, biggest smile ever. 

 Or this. 

Yep.  We are gonna keep this one.

Family pictures...

Yep, this is about all I've got.  Whenever I try to take a picture of one, all of the others have to get in there as well. :)

 For some reason Carden seems so much happier about this than Tanner does....

Brotherly Love..another edition

I thought this was so cute.  They were watching Netflix together on my computer and David was all cuddled up next to Carden just about to fall asleep.  As soon I got my camera and Carden realized what was going on, it was instantly "Get off me!" Little stinker, he's usually nicer than that!

I need a hero!

"Where's my cake?" All. Day. Long.  

Friday, February 14, 2014

RC Car Driving

We went driving RC cars in a field near our house. He was standing near a puddle, I sped through it in my RC car, and he got nailed. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was AWESOME!