Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Am One!

 (I'm pretty sure David is my identical twin in this picture)

It's about time I posted for Davey's birthday.  He turned one back in March but we decided to hold off on his party until his due date, so he could eat some cake :)   He had his one year check up in March and at the time was crawling all over the place, starting to cruise furniture and was starting to say Mama and Dada.  He weighed 19 lbs, 14oz and was 29.5 in.

David started walking just after his due date.  We are so happy that he has basically caught up to where he should be now.  He also says uh oh (every time he throws his sippy cup), go and wow. And he loves to  climb now.  Carden never did this, so I'm not quite sure how to handle it when he's all of a sudden standing on the train table or on the seat of the tricycle.  He is definitely a cuddle-er and still wants to be held all day. And the kid can eat more than me.  It's incredible to me just how much a baby can eat.  He's finally starting to get a little chunky now so we love that he eats so much.

I made him a turtle cake and a smash cake that he had no idea what to do with.  He just stared at it until I started force feeding him.

He did however, think that his birthday present tasted good:
Going in for a bite.  Yum, yum!

Apparently the frosting Carden licked off of 3 cupcakes just wasn't enough, because I caught him doing this:

Happy Birthday Davey!