Friday, December 20, 2013


Dear Carden,

Last Christmas your list was hilarious.  This year all you want is a music player for your bed.  I need more entertainment than that.  So, let's work on this, k?  There's still some time.

Merry Christmas!

We had our ward Christmas party and Carden was so excited to see Santa.  I sent him to go get in line while I got Tanner and David together.  I got to the line and couldn't see Carden in it.  Then he came running up to me with a treat bag from Santa in his hand.  Little stinker had cut in front of everyone and just jumped on Santa's lap! He's a tricky one! I made him get in line again so we could get pictures this time.  Funny thing is he didn't even remember to ask Santa for anything either time.

 Three kids at once?  Now that is a talented Santa!

 David wasn't so sure about this...but he didn't cry!

David needs an update!

At two and a half, David is now such a big kid! Some fun things from the past six months or so...

He can stomp his foot and say no! like no one else

He is the cuddliest kid you'll ever meet.  "Wanna cuddle with (dada/mama)" is a common phrase around here...

As a result of his cuddling, he was moved onto a double bed with Carden and first time ever he started sleeping through the night! Every night we go check on them and find David laying all over poor
Carden.  He puts his head on Carden's chest, or is face to face snoring in his ears.

He also likes to tickle whoever he's sleeping next to.  Tickle up and down arms or on their back.  It drives Josh and I bonkers, but thank goodness Carden can sleep through it!

He loves Disney Cars.  "Cesco Nooni" (Francesco Bernoulli) is his favorite.  He carries Cesco and one other car in his hand at all times.  I go to great lengths to make sure those cars are never lost.  He sleeps with them and will sometimes wake up crying for them at night.

He only wants to watch Cars I and II and Mater's tall tales.

He kisses his cars when he drops them or forgets them.  Seriously.  Cutest thing ever.

His best friend is Carden.  When Carden is at preschool David is worried the entire time.

He is a great self-entertainer.  When Carden is gone, he is able to play quietly pushing his cars all around the house by himself.

Loves animals.  Loves loves them.  Especially Maggie.  He loves to share his food with Maggie and play chase with her skunk. He's always chasing her around the house with his trucks and doesn't understand why that's not allowed.  He also loves to sneak up on her and kick her.  It's a love/hate relationship, I think.

He is still a great eater! He'll eat almost anything I make.

He loves to steal bites of my salad and sips of my soda.  Funny, he always thinks everyone else's food is somehow better than his...

He hates to wear clothes.  Even now that it's colder, if he's at home he's running around in only a diaper while the rest of us are wearing sweatshirts.

He's adores his baby brother.  I'm always finding random toys in Tanner's pack and play and carseat.  The fist time he saw him, he hit him in the head.  Then he gave him a kiss and now he thinks Tanner is the greatest.

He scowls like no one else.  I can't even describe it.  He scrunches up is eye brows and his mouth.  So cute.

He likes to beat up on Carden.  He knows exactly how to make Carden cry and then he does it over and over again.

Poor little preemie is always sick.  We are not excited for this winter.  He just got his adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears, so we are hoping this year might be better than last.

We love you David and are excited and a little nervous to see how you continue to grow and change!

 Diaper only

 Here's Cesco! (and no pants)

 Tanner look at my car!


Oh, diaper only again!

Cheese again! (with Finn McMissile in his hand)

2 month update!

Time goes fast when you're having fun! Look at this big baby now! He had his two month check up and for seeming like such a chunk, he's actually kind of small!

Weight: 11lb., 8 oz--27th percentile
Length: 23 in. --46th percentile

Right now, his favorite things to do are (in no particular order): eat, sleep, burp, poop.  He's also got the smiling thing down and and can coo like a champ! He has a high noise tolerance and sleeps through roaring, bull dozing, and crazy car chases.  Fire trucks and lions pass by his swing during every nap and yet he still sleeps.  He loves his "bibi" and his mama, though he's still a little hesitant with his daddy right now.  Every second he's awake, he has two brothers trying to cuddle him and give him kisses.  One day Carden and David were throwing fits over who Tanner was looking at.  He is loved by all!

And now some pics from the past two months: 

His little baby acne all over his cheeks. 

He constantly had his tongue out for about the first 5-6 weeks. 


Four dimples, if you count his chin. He's gonna be a heart breaker!


Friday, December 6, 2013

Brotherly love...

 Look at this awesome car Tanner!