Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blogging Vacation

Josh graduated this semester and we are so excited that he is done. DONE!! He was much smarter than I was at my graduation and decided that four hours spent at the graduation ceremony would be an incredible waste of his life. He decided to stay at home and play xbox instead. I wish I had thought of that.

The best news of all is that he has started a job at SRP, one of the main electric companies in the valley. He's excited because it's the job that he wanted and I'm excited that now he has to work 40 hrs/week too!! Finally! No more of this skipping class to sleep in, while I still have to wake-up at six!

Christmas this year was spent at Josh's parents house. His brother and their family flew out from Chicago in order to help us reinact the Christmas story:

Josh spent the majority of Christmas playing with his RC cars. The nephews loved them:

We spent New Year's at Josh's friends house, watching Transformers and trying to figure out how to transform the actual robots. Here's our pre-party picture:

And here is all the excitement that was New Years this year:

The transformers were actually pretty cool and incredibly addicting. I'm about ready to go out and buy some for myself.

After New Years we took a trip to Utah filled with fun, friends, and sledding! We hung out with our friends in Bountiful with their new (sort of) baby, and of course I forgot to take pictures. Lame.

I took Josh up to Logan in order to convince him that we need to move up there and also to see the family I had worked for all through college. I think Josh was almost convinced to move back to Utah after we went sledding down Old Main Hill:

Here is Sophie hiking up the hill (Heidi wouldn't stop long enough for a picture):

Sophie is now eight and she is a pro at sledding. She went with me the first time on the tube and we went so dang fast! USU used to have hay bales at the end of the hill to stop people from going into the street but they didn't have them this time. So instead we had to plow into Sophie's dad and knock him over in order to stop.

We had a few hours to kill before our friends in Salt Lake got off work, so we decided to head out to Antelope Island. We saw probably 50 bison and a park ranger tried to help us find a bobcat, but we never saw it.

Here's Josh, standing next to the Great Salt Lake. See how happy he is in the cold?
We love Utah.

A trip to Salt Lake always has to include a meal at Cafe Rio with friends:

Saturday was the laziest day ever and it was awesome. We stayed in pajamas until around five before getting ready to go up to Park City to a friends house for a night of pizza and the game Apples to Apples:

What a super fun month, but I will be much better at blogging in the future now. The vacation is over.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

(approx. two weeks ago):

It's 7:15. Crap, I'm late for work again. I stop at one red light. Then another. Then another. Why? Why me? I swear I hit every red light possible. It's so frustrating being me sometimes!. I see the light in front of me turn yellow. Should I? Yep, I go for it. Take that, light! The flash behind me stops my cheering and instantly my stomach tightens. Cr-ap. I just got a ticket by the new photo radar.

(Fast forward two weeks):

Whilst reading the local news, I notice an article saying that Tempe will begin giving photo radar tickets on December 1st. Before that it was just a warning. Hallelujiah, Christmas has come early!! I've been planning on about two hundred bucks for this anticipated ticket and about a hundred in insurance raising their rates one me. So basically, I just saved $300. I'm going shopping this weekend!

Random updates

For those of you who don't know, Josh has another calling in our ward. Yep, that makes three. With church and school, I see my husband for about 15 minutes a day now. He's at the library all night tonight (AGAIN!), which means I am very bored at home. I seriously need a hobby. I tried the scrapbooking thing, but let's be honest, I'm just not that creative or motivated. Any ideas anyone?

On another note, I start my new job on Friday! And I have never been so excited to leave a job. EVER. Wahoo!

Last night we went to the last ASU football game. As soon as the game was over, all Josh could talk about was buying season tickets for next year. And he was very sad that I wouldn't let him rush the field with everyone else. We had already been there for over four hours and I wanted to GO HOME! Football is way too long. No pictures this time, because the only time we ever take pictures is at football games and we have way to many.

Arizona has made a wimp out of me

I leave for work at around 7:00 each morning. It's still around 65 degrees when I leave. And yet I wear about five jackets and drive with the heater on full blast the entire way. I don't know how I ever lived in Utah. I always talk about missing snow, but I seriously don't know if I could handle it any more!