Sunday, December 2, 2007

(approx. two weeks ago):

It's 7:15. Crap, I'm late for work again. I stop at one red light. Then another. Then another. Why? Why me? I swear I hit every red light possible. It's so frustrating being me sometimes!. I see the light in front of me turn yellow. Should I? Yep, I go for it. Take that, light! The flash behind me stops my cheering and instantly my stomach tightens. Cr-ap. I just got a ticket by the new photo radar.

(Fast forward two weeks):

Whilst reading the local news, I notice an article saying that Tempe will begin giving photo radar tickets on December 1st. Before that it was just a warning. Hallelujiah, Christmas has come early!! I've been planning on about two hundred bucks for this anticipated ticket and about a hundred in insurance raising their rates one me. So basically, I just saved $300. I'm going shopping this weekend!


Pobst Family said...

Hey Its Christi (Bair) I love your blog! I have to totally agree with you on those cameras! They are the scariest thing! In Gilbert I feel like there are police everywhere, but cameras are ten times worse!

Adam & Brynn Tuft said...

Hey Laura!!!!!! How are you? It's your long lost roommate you had for only 3 months. The one you helped sneak in her bunny and guinea pig, and the one you got lost with trying to find honeyville to go to a silly barn dance haha we were the life of the party. I still think of you whenever I make chocolate zucchini bread :) Anyway I found you from Angie's site, it's good to see you, your blog is fun to read!