Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random updates

For those of you who don't know, Josh has another calling in our ward. Yep, that makes three. With church and school, I see my husband for about 15 minutes a day now. He's at the library all night tonight (AGAIN!), which means I am very bored at home. I seriously need a hobby. I tried the scrapbooking thing, but let's be honest, I'm just not that creative or motivated. Any ideas anyone?

On another note, I start my new job on Friday! And I have never been so excited to leave a job. EVER. Wahoo!

Last night we went to the last ASU football game. As soon as the game was over, all Josh could talk about was buying season tickets for next year. And he was very sad that I wouldn't let him rush the field with everyone else. We had already been there for over four hours and I wanted to GO HOME! Football is way too long. No pictures this time, because the only time we ever take pictures is at football games and we have way to many.


Angie said...

someone made Ellie the cutest little crocheted booties and so i have decided to try crocheting just so i can make more booties. i'm almost done with the first pair....but it has taken me like a month to get them done this far. anyway its really not that hard. make a scarf for those really cold almost 60 degree days in arizona :)

jathan & Heather said...

FROLF!! thats what you could do.

jathan & Heather said...

lars... quit being lazy and get out your dusty violin that you paid for, along with the lessons when you were a poor college student. what about knitting? remember those many nights with our crotcheting and knitting? oh' wait... that was the plan... but it happened once. ha. heath-

Anonymous said...

I sure wish you would move closer to your mother-in-law. Now don't throw up, but we could put together quilts for the LDS humanitarian Center! There is one thing to do to keep you busy - multiply and replenish the earth.
take your pick!