Sunday, December 2, 2007

Arizona has made a wimp out of me

I leave for work at around 7:00 each morning. It's still around 65 degrees when I leave. And yet I wear about five jackets and drive with the heater on full blast the entire way. I don't know how I ever lived in Utah. I always talk about missing snow, but I seriously don't know if I could handle it any more!


Julia said...

Utah had nothing on Wisconsin. I hadn't understood what bitter cold meant.


jathan & Heather said...

Lars, you better start slowly raising your tolerance for the cold... cause its mighty cold here, and we have to go snowboarding soon. Jay

jathan & Heather said...

so, make it one jacket less each day, and slowly turn the heat down too.

Lars said...

Whatever Heathbar. It's cold outside!

And Jay, I am sooo ready for the snowboarding. I'll just have to wear a few more layers.