Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Attempted fashion show

But she still just too little for her cute clothes! She usually wears jammies cause they're warm and all that fit! Oh well, we'll try again in a couple weeks :)

One month!

Wow, time sure does go by fast when the baby is here! I wish it went that fast when I was pregnant...

Stats for "Okie" Chloe Elizabeth:

Weight: 7lbs, 6 oz-3%
Length: 21 in., 22%

They had to measure her 3 different times, because she had grown so much they didn't think it was right.  So she is a long and skinny one!

She loves sleeping on her tummy and sharing a bed with mom and dad.  yep, we are breaking every rule in the book with this one, but at least she is sleeping!

I can eat cheese! And yogurt! No dairy sensitivities for her makes me very happy.

Since she spends so much time on her tummy, she's getting pretty strong.

Her favorite hobbies include eating and sleeping.

Do you see what I see?

We love Christmas lights! Since Chloe came this year, we didn't get to see as many lights as usual, but the boys still had a blast walking around the neighborhood looking at all of the lights.  

They thought the new LED shower lights were awesome!  

Christmas with a 2 yo is my favorite.  Tanner was amazed by everything.