Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Park fun!

We love having so many parks nearby! We are at the park almost every day.  

Family hike

We hiked up to the wind caves one Sunday so we could spend some time with Josh, who has been super busy with work lately.  Of course the boys loved it.  

Josh had been working on this beard for about a year.  This was probably the final picture of it. 

Some brotherly love...

Fat lip!

Carden ran around the island in our hour during preschool the other day.  He slipped and fell and jammed four of his lower teeth into his lip.  The fattest lip I have ever seen.  He was very very sad about it and it took probably a full week to heal.  

Ward playgroup

A family in our ward has an awesome house for kids to play at.  There is literally every kind of animal you could imagine, including horses, alpacas, pigs, a python, bunnies, dogs, chinchillas, goats, dogs, small tortoises, and a ginormous tortoise you can ride  I'm pretty sure I forgot one or two as well.  They also have a back yard filled with toys for every age.  The slide is huge and scares me to death to go down it, but the kids loved it.  We had a great time playing over there!

Spring time fun

These two have spent hours over the past 2 weeks filling up a bucket of water and jumping it all over the trampoline.  Tanner, not so much.  

The big 5

Umm,  not sure how I forgot this, but I didn't update for Carden's 5th birthday! And now he's 5 1/2, so it's definitely time to get things going...

5 year stats:

Weight: 43 lbs-66%
Height: 44 in-68%

He's still our tallest and biggest kid!  What he's learned so far this year:

He is an awesome expert bike rider now.  He loves to ride on the rocks and on the "motocross" track at a park.  It's just a bunch of hills but Carden is the youngest kid there and he's so exited about it.

He's a beginning reader.  He can sound out simple words and does much better at school than he does with me.

He still loves construction trucks.

He loves learning about volcanoes, dinosaurs, sharks, and any natural disaster.  He's so happy he doesn't live by the ocean so we don't have hurricanes or tsunamis, or in washington by Mt St. Helens, or or Oklahoma where the tornadoes are.  He is very afraid of them, but loves to learn about them anyway.

His favorite show is Octonauts

Favorite color is blue

Favorite food is pizza, but favorite food that mom makes is chicken and broccoli over rice.

His prayers include being thankful for trees that give us oxygen

He is in a Montessori preschool with 11 other boys and is loving it.  He makes sure to let everyone know that he is not preschool he is in Montessori.

He can drive the motorcycle by himself.

He is an awesome big brother, and is taking the role very seriously.  Part of his job as the oldest includes teasing his baby brother all day long.  He loves to tease him as much as he loves to play with him and keep him safe.

He loves to create things.  He is making airplanes, boats, helicopters and race cars all independently. He has his Daddy's engineering brain I'm afraid.

He likes to collect garbage.  Literally.  He constantly goes through the recycling and taking stuff out, planning on making something out of it later.  His upstairs bathroom cupboard is filled with random boxes and bottles.

He loves to play, but only if someone else is there with him.

Everyone who knows him loves him.  What a great kid!