Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blonde as blonde can be

Work sucks after a two week vacation. Blah. Josh and I have been back in Phoenix for about a week now, just trying to get things set up for our apartment. Hotel King will soon be open for business! As soon as we find plates and sheets and towels and everything else. We got a lot more stuff from the receptions than we had expected, so that helped a little. Well, at least the Lehi reception did. I don't think that people in Manila realize that I'm not like the rest of the town and my home will not have a rooster themed kitchen and famr decorations throughout the rest of the house. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to turn out normal...

So we went to Wal-mart the other day to spend our gift cards from all of the returned rooster towels and decided to get a vacuum and microwave. We set everything up and had Josh's old roommates and their wives/fiances over the next evening. I was taking them around for a tour of the apartment, showing off the balconey and our new microwave sitting proudly on the counter. One of the girls asked "what's wrong with that one?" and pointed to a mirowave that was above the stove. Apparently I didn't notice that we already had a microwave in the apartment we've been living in for five days!! How can anyone not see a microwave?! And the best part is that Josh set the time on it and everything. Seriously, we are perfect for each other.

Pictures of the wedding will be up soon!!