Thursday, June 16, 2016

Little of this, little of that...spring 2016

First slip and slide of the season

David being a big helper.  

Whenever someone takes a picture, Tanner wants his taken, too!

Annual easter egg hunt at Josh's work.  The other boys are too big for me to follow them around and take their pictures now. 

Tanner with his buddy, Ellison

The motorcycle gang is back! I didn't even have to pose them for this.

Playing with slimey stuff at a birthday party at the science center.

Carden made cookies, by himself, with no recipe and they were delicious! 

My bed is starting to get a little crowded...

Preschool field trip to build a bear. David named his bonehead.  I don't even. 

We have a pink Cadillac now and my boys are in love!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"winter" cabin trip-Feb 2016

There wasn't any snow, but man was it cold! We spent most of the time bundled up in the house with blankets next to the fire. 

Carden loves to work at the cabin.  He spends a lot of time raking up all of the pine needles. David prefers to supervise :)

No snow, so we decided to try sledding on the skate board.  Josh had quiet the ab workout from it!

Just a friendly game of twister. Tanner was being crazy pants of course.

I tried so hard to get some cute pictures of Chloe while we were there.  She was wearing the cutest clothes, but wasn't having any of it. 

When you're just so tired...

I caught a smile!-Feb 2016

It's so hard to get them on camera at first.

David gets gum!

That's what happens when you turn five in our house! And many is it a big deal around here.  Apparently, five years is pretty much forever. Gum is the only present he got from mom and dad, but I think he was pretty happy with it.

David requested a minion birthday party.  I always procrastinate everything, so I was up until 1 the night before and then spent the whole day trying to make a minion pinata for him.

I'm not going to deny it, I was pretty impressed with myself.  I"m not much of a crafter, but if it's something that I know doesn't have to be perfect, then I can pull it off.  Josh helped to paper mache it and made it a little too well.  It took several tries before the kids could break it, but at least everyone had a turn!

I decided to have an old fashioned kind of birthday.  We had a 3-legged race, sack race, and played pin the googles on the minion.  Overall, it was a fun party, with pizza and popcorn.  I think David is very happy to be five :)

David now weighs 34.6 lbs and is 42 inches tall. 

He is my super sensitive boy.  He loves loves his Chloe so much.  Whenever she's crying he's the first one there to help make her happy.  He pumps her legs, sings her songs, rubs her head to try and calm her down.  He love to help give her baths and even change her diaper.  

He's also sensitive in that his feelings are hurt all the time and he lets me know if I or someone else "broke his heart."  

He can scream like nothing I've ever heard before.  It's the same death scream if he accidentally scraped a toe or if he broke an arm.  Just kidding he's never broken an arm, but if he did, I don't think he could scream any louder than he already does.  I get so many looks from people because I basically ignore him while everyone else comes to his rescue, wondering if he's close to dying.  A little dramatic at times.

He changed Tanner's diaper for me one time when I was still sleeping.  Cutest thing ever.

He has done great in preschool and is learning to blend words together to read.  He's also learning to write and if he's given small parameters, he has some pretty good handwriting!  

David can self-entertain so well.  He's interesting to watch interact with other kids.  He does whatever he wants and doesn't really care what other people think.  

He like to brag about how he can fold clothes better than Grammy ;)

He's my super hero and runs around with Tanner in his cape and mask to scare off all of the bad guys and save me.

He's become good friends with Tanner since Carden has been in school.  They play together great most of the time.  Tanner is the stinker, but David does a pretty good job of putting up with it. 

He still misses Carden everyday.  He'll cry about it sometimes and tell me that he just misses his brother so much.  When I told him that he wouldn't be in the same class as Carden next year he burst into tears.  So much love in his little body.

Happy birthday Davey Gravey!


Feb 2016-2 months for Chloe!

We officially have a peanut! 

Weight 8 lbs., 12 oz.-below 1% (a lot below!)
Length 22 in (9th %)

So Chloe had kind of a rough month.  She dropped significantly in weight from the 3% at her one month check-up, to below 1% at her two month check-up.  Chloe has always clicked her tongue when she nursed and it suddenly became very painful for me.  After talking to a lactation consultant, we decided she might have a tongue tie and we were right.  The two of us also had thrush which is also very painful.  So after her tongue clip and some medicine, Chloe is on the mend. She still clicks her tongue when she eats, but she's gaining weight now,

At two months Chloe is:

starting to smile
rolled from tummy to back one time
eats all the time
love to sleep with mom
tolerates her brother's hugs

She is still a very sleepy baby, probably because eating has been so hard for her.  With her tongue clipped, she'll start to have more energy during the day. 

 My friend took these cute pictures of her for me.  Love them!