Thursday, June 16, 2016

Little of this, little of that...spring 2016

First slip and slide of the season

David being a big helper.  

Whenever someone takes a picture, Tanner wants his taken, too!

Annual easter egg hunt at Josh's work.  The other boys are too big for me to follow them around and take their pictures now. 

Tanner with his buddy, Ellison

The motorcycle gang is back! I didn't even have to pose them for this.

Playing with slimey stuff at a birthday party at the science center.

Carden made cookies, by himself, with no recipe and they were delicious! 

My bed is starting to get a little crowded...

Preschool field trip to build a bear. David named his bonehead.  I don't even. 

We have a pink Cadillac now and my boys are in love!

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