Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Feb 2016-2 months for Chloe!

We officially have a peanut! 

Weight 8 lbs., 12 oz.-below 1% (a lot below!)
Length 22 in (9th %)

So Chloe had kind of a rough month.  She dropped significantly in weight from the 3% at her one month check-up, to below 1% at her two month check-up.  Chloe has always clicked her tongue when she nursed and it suddenly became very painful for me.  After talking to a lactation consultant, we decided she might have a tongue tie and we were right.  The two of us also had thrush which is also very painful.  So after her tongue clip and some medicine, Chloe is on the mend. She still clicks her tongue when she eats, but she's gaining weight now,

At two months Chloe is:

starting to smile
rolled from tummy to back one time
eats all the time
love to sleep with mom
tolerates her brother's hugs

She is still a very sleepy baby, probably because eating has been so hard for her.  With her tongue clipped, she'll start to have more energy during the day. 

 My friend took these cute pictures of her for me.  Love them!

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