Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What is it about high schoolers and hygiene?

Seriously, sometimes I can't help but dry heave. Do they not know how to shower? Can they really not smell themselves? It's not just one or two-it's almost all of them. And my office stinks for hours after they leave! Is there any nice way to tell someone they stink? Blech!

The Thrilla in Manila

So since Josh had never really been to my hometown before, I decided to was time for him to experience Manila. And it was AWESOME. Manila is a tourist town, so there are always lots of people around for holidays, especially Labor day. We got to see the town parade, which lasted close to 30 minutes this year. I think it was because the Manila Tractor club was in the parade. They had to stop and describe every single tractor. We also decided to float down the Green River. It's more of a fishing river, but there are one or two spot where a little water gets in the raft.

Of course, I didn't take any pictures on this trip, so I just have a couple from other cameras.

After Manila we went and visited our friends Heath and Jay. Always good times with the Rickters. Ola Amigos!

Anyway, that's the last of our summer Vacay pics. I think it's time we went on another trip.

Maggie's first haircut

I came home last Friday and saw this rat running down the stairs to greet me. Then I looked again and realized it was Maggie. Josh had cut her hair and she was so bald! I seriously almost cried. But now that it's been a few days, I guess she's still kind of cute. And she doesn't look as much like a rat, either.

Look! I have eyes now!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love it I love it I love it!

Josh and I have been looking for a piano for weeks now. We finally found one that we liked on Craig's list. Only problem was that it was in Payson, which is about an hour away. So, to make a long story short, the seller eventually told us that if we could get up there and move it, then it was ours for free. And now we finally have one piece of furniture in our front room. Baby steps, right?

Oh and just in case you were wondering, we still have a broken A/C unit. Just thought I'd keep you updated. Grrrrr.

I have no eyes!

And I like to eat toy flowers.

Seriously, is she not the cutest dog ever? And her fur is turning brown around her mouth. Weird huh?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

An update on some vacays

I've been a lousy blogger lately. Oops. Josh and I took a couple of trips this summer, I've just been too lazy to post them.

First, we took a trip over to San Diego with Josh's parents to visit his bro's family. Maggie is so lucky that she even got to go with us. She's a good travel dog. She usually just sleeps that whole way and then wakes up when we get there. Which, really? It's the only way to travel.

Can you believe how big Maggie has gotten? 4.3 lbs. already!

Seriously, I love the beach. We definitely need to go more often.

Josh and I also went to took a trip experience the awesomeness that is Manila. Of course I'm too lame to remember to take pictures (I stole these pictures from other blogs) so I'll have to wait until I get copies of everything before I post. But be excited, because it was just that awesome.

So the A/C drama. It continues

Josh and I called our home warranty on July 31 to get our A/C unit fixed. And we are still waiting. So far we have had four different A/C companies look at this stupid thing. Seriously? Do these people not realize what it's like in Arizona in the summer?

The first company that came out was so mean on the phone that I fired them. The next guy was great, but he got hurt like three days after he looked at our unit.

So today I was called the warranty company again and was told that this last a/c repair company quoted us $5000 to get the a/c unit moved from the attic, in order them to even start working on it. Yay for us, the home warranty won't cover that part. Great. Which explains why the previous owners of this house never got it fixed. So, it looks like we have to get yet ANOTHER company out here to see what can done, since I don't believe that $5,000 crap. Just to put a hole in our ceiling? Give me a hammer and I'll do it myself. Grrr. Good thing the temps have lowered down to around 100 now. It's better than 112 I guess.