Saturday, June 28, 2014

David turned 3!

So my SD card for my camera died and I almost died with it. Luckily i was able to borrow a friend's camera and get the pictures on the computer.  So I can now blog about a birthday party! We kept things pretty low key.  No bulldozer cakes round here, just some cupcakes with sprinkles, but he still seemed pretty happy with everything,  We just invited over our neighbors and grandparents and cousins, but everyone had a blast.  David ate as much cake and ice cream as he wanted, which was a lot.  He got to open a couple of presents so everything was good.

I updated at 2 1/2 for David, and not too much has changed since then, but Ill add what I can:
Getting tubes for him was the best decision ever.  He made it through the winter with a normal number of colds and even had a few weeks in there when he wasn't sick at all, a miracle for him!

His language continues to explode! And now pretty much everyone can understand everything he says.  Again, yay for tubes!

He is now Mr. Sensitive, especially when it comes to Tanner.  Apparently Tanner is the biggest, strongest, meanest baby in the world and is ALWAYS picking on poor little David.  When Tanner kicks his legs and get David, it was on purpose and David must cry about it.  "Tanner pulled my hair! Tanner's touching my chair! Tanner his me!" Apparently it is far too hard for him to move away from Tanner.  

Again with the sensitive theme: He is always telling us how mean we are to him.  "Mommy got sad at me" "You broke my heart!" "Daddy is being mean to me." He always has quiet the sob stories.  

He is becoming so much more independent.  He is riding a scooter now! And a tricycle! And learned how to swim! These are all a really big deal for him, he's never been as motivated to be "big" like his brother has, but it's definitely starting to come out more. 

He can be a great eater, but if he sees any type of junk food, especially chips or cookies, he will not eat anything healthy.  He goes to bed without dinner far more than he should.

We went to the pet store and saw a little girl carrying around a little bird on her hand and every since then he's been carrying around imaginary baby chickens in his hand. "But they're nice!"  "They're so cute" "SHHHH! They're going to sleep now" 

Yeah, we'll keep this one :)

Cars Transform!

Carden is becoming very creative lately.  He loves to glue or tape together random objects and place them all around our house.  Sometimes he makes a plane, other times it's a "shaker" (two cups taped together with something inside).  One of his "shakers" had milk in it and he just could not understand why I wasn't ok with it...

 Carden is showing off his "car transformers" in this picture.  Since we didn't have any real transformers of our own at the time, he got creative and made his own :)

Here is a "city." He lined all of his cars up to go through the car wash. As you can see, pants are always optional in our house.

Such a fun kid :)

The Tan-Man!

Oh he is trouble now! Cruising around furniture like he owns the place...

Waking up his brother from nap, and then laughing about it...

Jumping on the tramp like it's no big deal...

Doing all the dishes...

Don't let that cute little grin fool you, he is trouble!