Sunday, January 26, 2014

First camping trip...

Josh had a camp out at the park by our church building, so he brought Carden along with him.  I wish I had remember to take more pictures of him when he was getting ready, because it was seriously the cutest thing.  He was so very excited to go camping with the scouts.  He had his very own backpack that he put his lunch into and brought some random books as well.  These are the only pictures I got, but they are awesome.  Seriously the kid was in heaven. 

And now every Friday he tells me that he has to go camping with Dad.  He can't wait to be big :)

First nativity

 My kids did their first nativity this year.  David was the angel, Carden a shepherd and of course, Tanner was baby Jesus.  Overall, I'd say they had a good time with the cousins.

Tanner's big day!

We blessed Tanner at home the last week of December.  It was small, with just my parents and sister and Josh's parents.  It was so nice to be able to hear everything that Josh said though.  Tanner was a champ and was happy the entire time.  What a cutie!


Just chillin' in their monster and shark Christmas towels.  

They are awesome.