Saturday, September 19, 2015

David is FOUR! (back in March anyway!)

And boy, was this a big big deal.  David talked about his upcoming birthday for months before it actually got here.  "I'm going to be four!" "I'm almost four!" Multiple times a day.  The only thing that David wanted for his birthday was a Spiderman bounce house, so that was the only thing we got him.  It came early in the morning before the party and then left the next morning and David couldn't figure out why they were taking it away.  Apparently, I didn't explain to David that we only get to keep the bounce house for the party, not forever.

A couple things about David:


He loves to play superheros, especially Spiderman.

He is a very big brother and loves his baby Tan-Tan.

He is a great eater and loves everything except for tomatoes.

His favorite color is red.

He loves his preschool class and friends.  He loves to wear his back pack and take his show and tell and do his craft project each time.  He would go to preschool everyday if he could.

He doesn't like to build with legos yet, but will play with Carden's creations for hours.  Carden loves to build for David, because he thinks everything Carden makes is amazing.

He learned how to ride a bike without training wheels! This is a very big deal.

He can drive the go-cart and loves loves to go on motorcycle rides with his Dad.

Getting tubes in and adenoids out was the best decision ever for him.  It's been months since he had a cold, which is amazing for him.

He loves to cuddle still.  It doesn't matter if he knows them or not, if someone is willing to hold him, he's there.

He is Mr. Sensitive.  Every time he gets hurt, whether it's from hurt feelings, a scraped knee, or a bleeding artery, he screams like he's just been cut in half.  He can get every mom at the playground running to his rescue, just to see a little scrape on his knee.

He is a very passive learner.  We have no idea that he's paying attention to us all, then a month later, he'll bust out some facts about what he heard us talking or reading about.  We've learned we really have to pay attention to what we say around him, because we have no idea if he's listening or not.

He is a great self-entertainer.  He will play with the same pencil or ball or whatever for hours.  He creates little stories with them, most of which involve bad guys and going to jail.  He has different voices for each part.

Fun at Strawberry cabin-Aug 2015

Random pictures

 waiting at the doctor's office

 At the children's museum in mesa

 Playing ninjas. The usually play "naked ninja's" so it was nice to get a shot with their clothes on :) 

 Tanner thinks he is Maggie's best friend.  If Maggie could talk, I'm sure he would have plenty to say about this. 

These boys :)

Ms. Rinna's preschool

Carden started his preschool after his birthday, so we did his birthday celebration at the end with the summer birthdays.  For Montessori, they have the birthday kid walk around the "sun" to represent each year of their life and I got to talk about the things that Carden did that year  

Preschool graduation

Carden loved his preschool with Ms. Rinna.  Davey now loves it too!

Krazy Air is krazy fun!

There's a new trampoline park up in Mesa and the kids LOVE it.  So so much fun! It's probably a good thing that it's so far away, otherwise I think we would be there everyday!