Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet babies...

And finally...

Bet you didn't even notice the baby on the last one, right? You were too distracted by that HAIR! Have you ever seen hair so red/orange/gold and shiny? I didn't think so. Poor kid. I hope he doesn't hate it too much.
Five blood draws, one urgent care visit, one 9-hour ER trip, one urine test, one kidney ultrasound, and two EKGs laters, we finally got results from all of David's testing: nothing. He's fine. This past week has been a NIGHTMARE for poor Davey Gravey. We've been testing his blood since he left the hospital because he was anemic and had elevated electrolytes and bilirubin. Well this last blood test also showed that his potassium levels were in the critical range. It's easy to get a false level for potassium so they had us draw the blood again. And when that came back high, we had to draw it again and again, and my poor baby with the chubby arms is quite a fighter and does not give up his blood easily. When he had elevated levels at hte ER, everyone went into panic mode, because it's abig deal to have high potassium, so we had to do all of these other test, but luckily everything came back normal so they tested his blood one more time, and we finally got a good blood draw and the right number. Anyway it's over now, thank goodness, and everything is apparently fine.

David had his four month check-up last week and the results are in! He is chunky! Everyone at the ER was amazed that he was a premie, because he doesn't look like one now! Yay for chunky babies!

Length: 22.5

Weight: 12.7

He's now 10th percentile for weight for a four month old and 3rd percentile for length. He's on the charts for his age already! This is a big deal for a premie, because they usually don't catch up for a long time, so we are excited around here!

Holy cuteness, right? I know.

Heavy Load

Anybody want to guess how much this whopper weighs?