Sunday, May 15, 2011

40 weeks today!

Ha! Boy am I glad I'm not still pregnant...!

This little man is seriously chunking it up right now. At his last dr's appointment a week and a half ago he weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. So he gained 22 oz in 14 days. Awesome! And now I'm sure he's closer to 7 1/2 pounds. He outgrew all of his preemie clothes about a week ago, and I think we'll be out of the newborn diapers soon.

And he's learning how to do so many things already. Like poop 12-15 times a day! (absolutely not kidding. it is unreal.) This kid is a gas master just like his older brother. How do I get so lucky?

Considering all ofhte time I spend washing dishes, it's a good thing I have a little helper:

And now I can hear David squawking in the other room, so more pics later