Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Davey-18 months

I found the paperwork from David's 18 month check-up and realized that I need to give him an update! 18 month stats:

Weight-22.6 lbs, 10%
Length-32 in, 30%

Basically we have a little shrimp :)  He is learning new things every day.  And I mostly have his big brother to thank for it. Some of his recent accomplishments include:

He loves to push the firetruck or any other object he can find all around the house.  Especially if he's chasing Carden at the same time.

He gives the best kisses and even makes sound effects at the same time

He is learning new words like crazy. It's actually just been the past few weeks that we've noticed this.  His most recent additions include mine, stuck, animal sounds, there you go, and bubbles.  Today he came up to me and said "wandobobo." It took a minute before I figured out he was saying "want do bubbles." He's saying phrases now the smarty pants!

He tries so hard to jump and always falls down.  Stinking cutest thing to watch.

He like to sleep with toys.

He is a total sugar addict. Oops.

He won't drink milk, unless it's chocolate.  (we're working on it!)

He doesn't have a lovey.  I think that's because he thinks mommy and daddy are good enough.  He has to come and get a love from someone every few minutes still.  It's nice but can be hard because he is so needy sometimes.

The kid is very assertive.  When Carden tries to take a toy from him the whole world knows.  He's not afraid to fight for what he wants. He's been known to bite a time or two if you get in his way.

Brushing his teeth is the biggest battle.  I literally have to wrestle him and pin his entire body with my legs in order to brush them.  The good thing is that he's screaming so it's easier to get inside his mouth.

He has no fear of heights.  I always finding him standing on the counter, turning on and off the water in the bathroom.  Every time I turn around he's climbing on something else.

He is still an awesome eater.  Broccoli, red pepper, and spinach are no big deal for this kid.  Bring on the food!

He still belly laughs.  It doesn't happen as often but when he does, everyone within a hundred yards turns and laughs with him.  

His big brother is his best friend.  I can't believe how well they play together.  The funny part is that when there's fighting it's usually because David is picking on Carden.  So funny to see their different personalities.

We love you Davey Gravey!

There's a new cheese in town...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

How cute!

Carden was Daddy's helper a couple of weeks ago and they cleaned out the shed and moved the wood pile.  They found a black widow and a scorpion.  Carden was so excited to show them off and told me just "how cute" they were.  Yikes!

We put them in a jar to see which one would last the longest.  It was pretty boring at first, but eventually the scorpion got hungry and won the battle.  Yay for living in Arizona, right?

I'll eat my hot dog in just a minute, ok?

I just want to cuddle with Davey right now, that's all.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Have I mentioned that Carden loves Thomas the Train? Because he does.  He love it so very very much. So naturally he wanted to be Thomas for Halloween.  I looked on the internet and all I saw was those ugly apron costumes, so decided that we had to come up with something better than that!

Cue the crazy idea of making a Thomas costume.  My friend offered to loan us her wagon that has two parts just like a train.  Then I sent out an email to our ward asking if anyone had boxes to donate.  I picked up the boxes then immediately drove to look at the wagon.  By some crazy miracle, the boxes were a perfect fit! Seriously, it was crazy.

Carden was my big helper to help me paint it, David was my big helper to dump the ENTIRE quart of blue paint all over the curbing, rocks, and grass outside.  I spent the entire morning cleaning up that mess! But a month later, I think it turned out pretty awesome!

This picture I took before Halloween and submitted it to a coupon site that I look at and won a $10 gift card for it.  Go me!

I was going to put David in a dinosaur costume to do a Dinosaur Train/Thomas combo, but couldn't get David into it.  Well, the lion was much more successful :)  Just look at him roar!

Carden was sooo cute as a little conductor/engineer:

Carden made sure to blow his train whistle for everyone we went saw.  The lion costume didn't last long either.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa K for coming with us! I wouldn't have made it without you! Poor Daddy had school tonight :(

I'm pretty sure he's going to ask to go trick or treating again tomorrow night.  Too bad it only comes once a year :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He broke my heart today...

Me: Yay! You found your yellow bullbozer!
Carden:  No mom it's not bullBozer, it's a bullDozer! (like, duh, mom)

Um, how did he get to be so big!?

Monday, October 15, 2012

I planted a garden last week...

Hoping that i might have something to blog about other than kids.  I went out there today and it looks like the entire thing is moving there are so many ants.  And nothing is growing :( Boo, it's back to talking about the kids I guess.

I'm so happy I'm three!

We had a birthday over here and it was awesome! Carden talked about his birthday for weeks before the actual day and was so excited when the big event finally came.  I attempted to make a bulldozer cake for him and again he was so excited he just couldn't control himself.  I was pretty impressed with it myself-as long as you don't look too closely at the frosting. I've never understood how people can make the frosting smooth...

A little bit about the three year old:
Height: 38.5in.-between 75-90%
Weight:32 lbs-50%

Favorite food: pizza
Favorite color: purple
Favorite toys: Thomas the train and friends.  All day long it's Thomas.  Seriously, All. Day. Long. We run a LOT of errands during the day so Mama can take a break.
Favorite question: WHY???
Favorite thing to do that's not toy related: Be a helper! He loves to help with everything.  The other night he spent an hour with me cleaning all of the bathrooms and I was seriously fighting with him over who got to clean the toilet.  I swear this can't be normal :) He loves to help Daddy with his tools and will get out his own little measuring tape and ask you to be his helper for him.  So cute.

He asks me what time it is about 10 times a day and repeats it back like he totally understands what I just said.

He still naps for a couple of hours a day.  Love it!

He loves Thomas the train.

He's pretty good a jigsaw puzzles.  I've been saying for about 4 months now that we need to get bigger puzzles, since he can put a 24 piece puzzle together in about 2 minutes.

David is his best friend.

He's still really nice to other kids.  I get told his has a sweet spirit all of the time. (Don't get me wrong, he does his fair share of taking toys and whining, but overall- a very sweet kid).

The kid has a sweet tooth like his mama. Poor kid.

Did I mention he love Thomas the train?  Loves it.

A Daddy's boy through and through.

Oh Carden, we love you!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Strawberry Cabin

My mom just bought part of her mom's cabin in Strawberry, AZ so we decided to take advantage of it and go up for the weekend.  Josh couldn't make it but it was still fun! We went with some friends and Carden was so excited to have his friends Ty to play with. There's a river with a swimming hole we took the kids to  It would have been much more fun if Josh was there.  Carden loves swimming with his Daddy, so we'll definitely have to go again.  Bad light for all of the pictures, so it's hard to see faces.  Boo. 

Here's pretty much the only picture I got with all three of the boys.  Everyone looking in different directions-sounds about right!

Then we went to a goat farm.  It wasn't quite as much fun as it was last time we went up there.  We didn't get to see the milking and the lady was kind of a grump with the kids.  Oh well.

 Dig deeper, Carden.

There you go.  Good job, son.

Feeding the goats some hay

David was definitely a fan.  

Good times in Strawberry! We'll be going lots I think.


Trouble, Trouble...

I go upstairs for two seconds and this is what I come back to! I'm pretty sure he had an accomplice though, since the bag was on the table where he couldn't reach it. Hmmmm....


Carden:  Mom, where is the sun's toothbrush?
Me:  The sun doesn't have a toothbrush honey.
Carden: Why?
Me: Well, because it doesn't have any teeth..
Carden:  Why?
Me: It doesn't have a mouth
Carden:  but WHHHYYYY?
Me: It doesn't need a mouth. The sun doesn't eat anything.
Carden:  Why?
Me: Because it's not a person.  It's the sun!
Carden:  Why, mama?  WHY?
Me: Just because! No more whys!  No more questions!

He makes up his own words to songs all the time now.  His latest favorite is the tune "Oh Christmas tree"
While playing with his toys: "Oh cement mixer, Oh cement mixer!"
At the grocery story:  "Oh Applesauce Oh Applesauce!"

I can't believe he's almost three now!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Reunion

We had the K*** family reunion in San Diego and had so much fun.  Thanks to Mike and Sheri for putting up with everyone!

 First we visited some friends in Huntington Beach.  They have two boys that are just a few months older than our boys so it was fun to see the four of them hanging out.  We went to the beach and Carden loved it-at first.  He got knocked down by waves a couple of times and after that he wouldn't get near the water.

After that we headed down to San Diego and spent so much time in the pool and at the beach.  Carden started to get brave with the water again, but would run from all the waves screaming "big wave big wave!" David was happy with a bucket and shovel and the occasional fruit snack.  :)

We chose to go to the zoo while Josh's family went on a whale watching boat.  The boat sounded fun just not with a baby and toddler :) So we picked the zoo instead and that was definitely fun.  A lot of walking but fun still.  I think Carden liked the monkeys the best.  

We went to the tidal pools at La Jolla and loved them of course.  Carden followed his cousins around the entire time yelling everything that they did.  He had so much time.  We left for home from the tidal pools and Carden kept saying "I want to stay with my cousins! I want to say hi to my cousins!"  For the next couple of days he kept on asking for his cousins to come and play.  He definitely loved having some many kids to play with. 

Already so much 'tude...

A bird swooped down just to land a turd on Caleb's shoulder.  So awesome.  

 Good times.  And we're already excited for the next one!