Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Have I mentioned that Carden loves Thomas the Train? Because he does.  He love it so very very much. So naturally he wanted to be Thomas for Halloween.  I looked on the internet and all I saw was those ugly apron costumes, so decided that we had to come up with something better than that!

Cue the crazy idea of making a Thomas costume.  My friend offered to loan us her wagon that has two parts just like a train.  Then I sent out an email to our ward asking if anyone had boxes to donate.  I picked up the boxes then immediately drove to look at the wagon.  By some crazy miracle, the boxes were a perfect fit! Seriously, it was crazy.

Carden was my big helper to help me paint it, David was my big helper to dump the ENTIRE quart of blue paint all over the curbing, rocks, and grass outside.  I spent the entire morning cleaning up that mess! But a month later, I think it turned out pretty awesome!

This picture I took before Halloween and submitted it to a coupon site that I look at and won a $10 gift card for it.  Go me!

I was going to put David in a dinosaur costume to do a Dinosaur Train/Thomas combo, but couldn't get David into it.  Well, the lion was much more successful :)  Just look at him roar!

Carden was sooo cute as a little conductor/engineer:

Carden made sure to blow his train whistle for everyone we went saw.  The lion costume didn't last long either.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa K for coming with us! I wouldn't have made it without you! Poor Daddy had school tonight :(

I'm pretty sure he's going to ask to go trick or treating again tomorrow night.  Too bad it only comes once a year :)

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Wendi said...

Way to go! That is quite the artwork on Thomas!