Monday, August 15, 2016

Chloe-4 months

Weight 11 lbs, 8.2 oz- 1st percentile
Length 24.25 in-  17th percentile

She's growing! Not very fast, but she is now on the charts! Having her tongue clipped has helped a lot, I can tell she's getting more milk.

At four months Chloe is now:

Rolling all over the place, front and back
Starting to army crawl (yikes!)
Laughs and smiles at her brothers
I think David is her favorite (Shhhh! Don't tell Carden!)
Cut her first two teeth.
Still wearing 0-3 month clothes.
Loves to stand, which makes it hard for her brothers to hold her
Loves a bath
She still sleeps with mom and dad so she's not even close to sleeping through the night.

I took this one so I could document how much hair she still had.  My boys were bald this point.  Fingers crossed her hair comes in sooner!

Legoland, AZ

We went to Legoland AZ with our friend for his birthday, and needless to say the kids had a blast.  We got there at 10am (when it opened) and didn't get home until 5:30. I think I was the first to take a nap :)

Here is the mini city area.  There were buttons to push to activate different areas.  Carden is in front of  Cardinal's football game. David is in front of a mining area. 

They had an area with gears and wheels so you could build a car and race it.  Carden spent most of his time trying to build the perfect race car, while David and Tanner just raced a set of wheels down the track. 

There were two small ride for the kids, but unfortunately I wasn't able to go on them with Chloe.  So  the boys got to ride next to a couple of attendants on the rides.  Kind of funny.