Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes, just to be crazy, I like to spike Carden's hair like this:

Family pictures

About a month ago, we decided to try and get some family pictures. We went to this farm house in Chandler. My sister in law knew the people who lived there, so she recommended it. Except the people who lived there didn't know us and almost kicked us off. It was kind funny. But mostly awkward. Anyway, here are just a couple...

Always so serious. Must. Have. Leaf.

Hello big blues!

With Grandma King

Julie gets married! And then Heathbar comes to visit!

So this is really a catch up post. At the beginning of March Carden and I got to go on another plane ride, this time to Washington DC to see Julie get married! Yay for Julie and her new hubby! Our awesome friend Heather from Oregon also came out, so it was guaranteed to be a good time.

It was around this time that poor Carden decided that he only loved his mama and cried if anyone looked at him wrong or made too much noise. So we had to miss the awesome talent show because he cried everytime people clapped. It would have been pretty funny if only it wasn't my child. Little stinker.

So Heather and I aren't really familiar with the DC area. We left our hotel about an hour before tte wedding and went to target to buy Heather some shoes, thinking we had plenty of time. Well, the GPS took us on all of the back roads, so it ended up taking a lot longer to get to the temple. The wedding was at noon, meaning we had to be there at 11:30. Well, we got there at 11:58. Give or take a minute. We ran into the temple, me pushing the stroller. I was hoping Julie's sister could watch Carden for me, but we never really talked about it and we couldn't find her. So I stayed in the waiting area while Heather went in. I was so sad, thinking I was going to miss the wedding! The entire reason I flew out there in the first place! But! Then an incredibly nice lady sitting there offered to watch Carden for me, so I let her and just prayed that she really was a nice lady who wouldn't steal my baby. And she was and I made it and it was wonderful! Congrats Julie! Good luck with all of that cooking! Ha.

Then Heather came down to visit in Arizona last week! Yay for friends coming to visit! Heather came over for dinner, we went to the zoo, we visited at JR and Becky's house and had lots fun! Heather needs to come visit again. So does everyone else.