Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carden and Maggie

A couple weeks ago I reminded myself why I could never do attachment parenting (there's your answer Sheri!)-because I could NEVER let my baby sleep with me - I am just too out of when I'm sleeping. So one night, I had just finished feeding Carden when he experienced some wonderful projectile vomiting all over me and my pillow and my side of the bed (in case you're wondering, no I did not change my clothes or sheets and yes I did sleep in it. Possibly for two nights.). He had been back in his bassinett about 30 minutes, just long enough for me to get in a deep sleep, when I heard him throwing up again. In a panic I jumped up, forgetting that Maggie was right next to me. I threw her off the bed, she hit her head on the metal part of the bassinett and then fell to the ground. Poor girl. She was in a complete daze, I don't think she even knew what hit her!

Boys are so much fun with their ability to create pee fountains! Carden has been much better with this lately, so I haven't been as careful about it as I should be. This morning I was changing his diaper and he shot his pee clear across the bed to land...directly on Maggie's back! Oooh she was so mad about it too! She HATES to get wet! I wish I could have taken a picture of the glare that she gave Carden. Then she went around to the other side of the bed, with her tail between her legs to pout. And no, I still haven't given her a bath. I'm so covered in pee and everything else all the time, I figure she can be too.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lots of Pics

So, a couple weeks ago we moved in with my grandma to help take care of her and I didn't have the internet for awhile, so I haven't been able to blog lately. But we now have cable and internet so life is good again!

Carden was four weeks old yesterday. He's getting so big so fast I can't even believe it! I already have to go through his clothes and put away most of the newborn ones. So far though, he has been such a good baby. He eats and poops like a champ still and usually only wakes up once or twice in the night to eat and then he goes right back to sleep. What a good baby!

Family Picture!

Carden and his second cousin Kylee. He is 9 days older than her.

I go on a walk with my grandma and Maggie every morning at 9:30 and Carden gets to ride in my sling. He usually like it, except he's a furnace all the time and is usually drenched in sweat by the end.

Yeah, he only got to wear this outfit a couple of times and already is too big for it. :(

With Great-Grandma

With Cousin Tate

So there you go Mom. More pictures! :)