Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Reunion

We had the K*** family reunion in San Diego and had so much fun.  Thanks to Mike and Sheri for putting up with everyone!

 First we visited some friends in Huntington Beach.  They have two boys that are just a few months older than our boys so it was fun to see the four of them hanging out.  We went to the beach and Carden loved it-at first.  He got knocked down by waves a couple of times and after that he wouldn't get near the water.

After that we headed down to San Diego and spent so much time in the pool and at the beach.  Carden started to get brave with the water again, but would run from all the waves screaming "big wave big wave!" David was happy with a bucket and shovel and the occasional fruit snack.  :)

We chose to go to the zoo while Josh's family went on a whale watching boat.  The boat sounded fun just not with a baby and toddler :) So we picked the zoo instead and that was definitely fun.  A lot of walking but fun still.  I think Carden liked the monkeys the best.  

We went to the tidal pools at La Jolla and loved them of course.  Carden followed his cousins around the entire time yelling everything that they did.  He had so much time.  We left for home from the tidal pools and Carden kept saying "I want to stay with my cousins! I want to say hi to my cousins!"  For the next couple of days he kept on asking for his cousins to come and play.  He definitely loved having some many kids to play with. 

Already so much 'tude...

A bird swooped down just to land a turd on Caleb's shoulder.  So awesome.  

 Good times.  And we're already excited for the next one!


Jay and Heath said...

What a fun trip! Loved all the pictures. David is getting huge!!! I think it's time for an OR visit now. :) love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thx for all the pix.