Monday, September 17, 2012


Carden:  Mom, where is the sun's toothbrush?
Me:  The sun doesn't have a toothbrush honey.
Carden: Why?
Me: Well, because it doesn't have any teeth..
Carden:  Why?
Me: It doesn't have a mouth
Carden:  but WHHHYYYY?
Me: It doesn't need a mouth. The sun doesn't eat anything.
Carden:  Why?
Me: Because it's not a person.  It's the sun!
Carden:  Why, mama?  WHY?
Me: Just because! No more whys!  No more questions!

He makes up his own words to songs all the time now.  His latest favorite is the tune "Oh Christmas tree"
While playing with his toys: "Oh cement mixer, Oh cement mixer!"
At the grocery story:  "Oh Applesauce Oh Applesauce!"

I can't believe he's almost three now!

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