Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Davey-18 months

I found the paperwork from David's 18 month check-up and realized that I need to give him an update! 18 month stats:

Weight-22.6 lbs, 10%
Length-32 in, 30%

Basically we have a little shrimp :)  He is learning new things every day.  And I mostly have his big brother to thank for it. Some of his recent accomplishments include:

He loves to push the firetruck or any other object he can find all around the house.  Especially if he's chasing Carden at the same time.

He gives the best kisses and even makes sound effects at the same time

He is learning new words like crazy. It's actually just been the past few weeks that we've noticed this.  His most recent additions include mine, stuck, animal sounds, there you go, and bubbles.  Today he came up to me and said "wandobobo." It took a minute before I figured out he was saying "want do bubbles." He's saying phrases now the smarty pants!

He tries so hard to jump and always falls down.  Stinking cutest thing to watch.

He like to sleep with toys.

He is a total sugar addict. Oops.

He won't drink milk, unless it's chocolate.  (we're working on it!)

He doesn't have a lovey.  I think that's because he thinks mommy and daddy are good enough.  He has to come and get a love from someone every few minutes still.  It's nice but can be hard because he is so needy sometimes.

The kid is very assertive.  When Carden tries to take a toy from him the whole world knows.  He's not afraid to fight for what he wants. He's been known to bite a time or two if you get in his way.

Brushing his teeth is the biggest battle.  I literally have to wrestle him and pin his entire body with my legs in order to brush them.  The good thing is that he's screaming so it's easier to get inside his mouth.

He has no fear of heights.  I always finding him standing on the counter, turning on and off the water in the bathroom.  Every time I turn around he's climbing on something else.

He is still an awesome eater.  Broccoli, red pepper, and spinach are no big deal for this kid.  Bring on the food!

He still belly laughs.  It doesn't happen as often but when he does, everyone within a hundred yards turns and laughs with him.  

His big brother is his best friend.  I can't believe how well they play together.  The funny part is that when there's fighting it's usually because David is picking on Carden.  So funny to see their different personalities.

We love you Davey Gravey!

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