Thursday, September 4, 2008

So the A/C drama. It continues

Josh and I called our home warranty on July 31 to get our A/C unit fixed. And we are still waiting. So far we have had four different A/C companies look at this stupid thing. Seriously? Do these people not realize what it's like in Arizona in the summer?

The first company that came out was so mean on the phone that I fired them. The next guy was great, but he got hurt like three days after he looked at our unit.

So today I was called the warranty company again and was told that this last a/c repair company quoted us $5000 to get the a/c unit moved from the attic, in order them to even start working on it. Yay for us, the home warranty won't cover that part. Great. Which explains why the previous owners of this house never got it fixed. So, it looks like we have to get yet ANOTHER company out here to see what can done, since I don't believe that $5,000 crap. Just to put a hole in our ceiling? Give me a hammer and I'll do it myself. Grrr. Good thing the temps have lowered down to around 100 now. It's better than 112 I guess.

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Zach and Whitney said...

Boo!!! I seriously hate A/c companies. They are just using us poor people to get ahead! Im so sorry about your air. WE turn ours off to save money from 1-8 and it gets pretty hot. But atleast it cools down some too. If you need to come over, I will so welcome you with open arms.