Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Best zoo trip EVER!Jan 2016

I took the boys to the zoo in January right after Chloe was born. We were all starting to get a little stir crazy, since it was still Christmas break for Carden and we couldn't take Chloe anywhere.  So I packed up the boys, wished Josh luck, and we had an awesome day at the zoo. We never spend less than 4 hours there, my boys love it so much.  On this day, the orangutans were all hanging around and right by next to the window.  So much fun to watch one of them swinging on the ceiling, just chilling.

The farm part of he zoo has a plastic cow the kids can milk.  It's always a hit.

There's also farm tractors that provide a great photo op.  If only my kids could smile for pictures...

Carden took these pictures for me . If you look closely, there are some alligators in and around the water.

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