Friday, December 20, 2013

2 month update!

Time goes fast when you're having fun! Look at this big baby now! He had his two month check up and for seeming like such a chunk, he's actually kind of small!

Weight: 11lb., 8 oz--27th percentile
Length: 23 in. --46th percentile

Right now, his favorite things to do are (in no particular order): eat, sleep, burp, poop.  He's also got the smiling thing down and and can coo like a champ! He has a high noise tolerance and sleeps through roaring, bull dozing, and crazy car chases.  Fire trucks and lions pass by his swing during every nap and yet he still sleeps.  He loves his "bibi" and his mama, though he's still a little hesitant with his daddy right now.  Every second he's awake, he has two brothers trying to cuddle him and give him kisses.  One day Carden and David were throwing fits over who Tanner was looking at.  He is loved by all!

And now some pics from the past two months: 

His little baby acne all over his cheeks. 

He constantly had his tongue out for about the first 5-6 weeks. 


Four dimples, if you count his chin. He's gonna be a heart breaker!


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