Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vertuccio Farms

THis was our first time for the fall festival at Vertuccio Farms, a small farm around here witha pumpkin patch, corn maze, and fun things for the kids.  Of course we loved it. We went on Halloween, which was unfortunately about 90 degrees.  The kids would have stayed all day, but I was too dang hot! 

Tractor Ride

David is one cow and half of a pig tall. 

The corn maze.  Luckily they had a short one for little kids, otherwise Carden would have been disappointed.

Carden is one cow and 3/4 of a pig tall. 

The spider web!

And this was the high light of the day, as I have two children that are beyond obsessed with water.  Not just water though, it's the movement and the path of water that is the most fascinating.  So they got to pump the water on to the half-pipe and it ran down to the other side.  They just sent the ducks back and forth.  Hours of entertainment here.

OK, this was scary for me.  David was hesitant to go down this slide, but Carden had no fear.  I was scared to go down, too.  I went down once with Tanner, and he loved it, but I was done after one time.  

The giant pillow! Like a bounce house, but just a pillow.  It was awesome.  

And of course, the classic train ride.  I think it will always be a favorite.  

Good times at the farm this year.

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