Monday, January 12, 2015

Children's Museum of Phoenix

We don't usually go here because it's super expensive, but there was a Groupon awhile ago so I decided it was time.  Grandma Sharon got to come too, otherwise we wouldn't have survived with Tanner.  The museum is awesome and huge and they boys loved it of course.  

The giant vaccuum for scarves.  There were scarves flying everywhere

A weird boat/treehouse thing.  They could have spent the entire day here. 

This used to be a castle made from normal cardboard.  After 3 years of painting by lots of kids it has turned into this awesome mess.  It seriously looks so cool. 

The bike wash

David thought he was so big to give everyone a ride.

Who wants a hot dog?

There's a fan at the top of the cactus.  You would stick owls on the cactus and wind them to the top and the fan would send the flying.  My favorite part in the museum. 

Scooping beans at the grocery store. 

We'll have to do this one again, it was way too much fun!

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