Monday, January 12, 2015

Fun in the sun!

This is why we live in Arizona.  The weather is amazing and we spend hours outside.  We have about 5 awesome parks within 10 minutes of us and we just can't get enough!

Discovery Park.  We discovered a bike trail and since we didn't have our bikes they wanted to run up and down it about 10 times.  They both took good naps that day :)

Sand table fun. 

Flying airplanes at Discovery Park

 Or eating them.  You know, whatever works. 

Mesa Riverview Park.  It's farther away but we love it.  

Chillin with neighbors in the front yard

 Bug catching

 I am not even kidding this was the biggest grasshopper I have ever seen.  Close to four inches long, it was GINORMOUS. 

Digging in the dirt/burying apples for worms with our friends

It's always so sad when summer comes.  You know, in February.  

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