Monday, January 12, 2015

15 months and full of TROUBLE!


Weight-20 lbs, 8 oz/ 18%
Length-30.5 in/25%

So he's still a peanut.  But oh so much trouble.

Tanner so far:

Swallowed a battery
Eaten a berry off of a random bush
Shoved 8 Hungry Hippos marbles in his mouth
Swallowed shampoo
Swallowed oil out of a scented oil warmer
Eaten crayons, glue, sand, rocks, glitter, styrofoam, and dog food (many, many times)
Still doesn't like actual, normal people food
Runs and trips into walls or the floor on a regular basis
Jumps off of the couch
Climbs on the counter and table
Screams if he doesn't get a treat like his brothers
Forgets to sit down before he tumbles down the slide
Tumbled all the way down the stairs
Pushes chairs, stools, and dump trucks ALL OVER THE HOUSE to climb up and get what he wants
Uses the dog as a step stool
Uses a sword to knock whatever he wants off of the counter if I don't get it fast enough for him
Uses his brothers faces, or stomach, or back as a whoopie cushion
Laughs when you tell him no
Had the nurse at the doctors office comment several times on his unnatural strength, while fighting his shots
Plays ninjas with his brothers
Prefers a bowl and spatulas for his toys
Has the entire world loving his scrunchie smile
Easiest kid to love.

Especially now that he's sleeping through the night :)

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Marie Sullivan said...

Lars, after seeing many 3 boy families, I've come to the conclusion that the third is just crazy :)