Friday, November 11, 2011

Mother Nature Farm

There's this little farm in Gilbert, right smack in the middle of the city. I took the boys and met up with a couple of my cousins and their kids. If there are animals involved, Carden is in heaven. He does not get that from me.

Cutest face ever.

They had goats, llamas, a cow, chickens, a turkey, ducks, huge pigs, and baby pigs. There is also a hay ride, a bounce house, and a little maze made out of hay bales. we also got to decorate a pumpkin. Carden loved everything so much and would cry and cry when I made him go on to the next thing, but then he wouldn't want to leave that one either. Little boy heaven.

Hayride with the cousins

The hay maze

He loved this bounce house

We watched them throw pumpkins on the ground to break them and feed them to the pigs and goats, so now everytime Carden sees a pumpkin he tries to throw it.

Farmer Carden

Carden and the pig. Cheese!

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying you DIDN'T enjoy raising lambs for the fair? And falling on the pipe fence and chipping your up-till-then perfect teeth?