Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tag team

Wow this has been a popular tag lately.  I guess I'll join the crowd.

10 years ago: 
I was 15, playing volleyball and basketball in high school.  This was about the time I dropped a curling iron on my leg when I was on the region basketball trip.  We were in Price, Utah and I ended up going to the emergency room with second degree burns.  I missed the tournament.  Lame.   

5 things on my to do list today:
1.  Work.
2.  Work again.
3.  Eat cereal and toast with butter and honey for dinner.
4.  Do nothing but watch tv with my hubby all evening.
5.  Be in bed by 10:30 pm.  
Wow.  Again--LAME.

Snacks I enjoy:
Well, cereal is my favorite meal and well as my favorite snack.  But lately I also love graham crackers with cool whip and Wheat Thins with cottage cheese.  Yum.

If I were suddenly a billionare:
I would like to think I'd do something awesome like buy a thousand boats and have one on every lake in the world, so no matter where I went I could go boating.  Or that I'd take awesome trips to places like Utah so I wouldn't be left out when all my friends had a party without me (sniff).  But really-I know I'd be super boring and invest it all.  And since I know nothing about investing, I'd probably lose it all as well.  (P.S.  Josh would say that he'd spend it all on RC cars.  Blech!)

5 Places I have lived:
1.  Manila, Utah
2. Logan, Utah
3. St. George, Utah
4. Tempe, AZ
5.  Preston, ID

3 Bad habits:
1.  Leaving cupboard doors/drawers open
2.  I crunch foods like crackers and carrots really loudly.
3.  Sometimes I talk too much and really fast and really loud.  

5 jobs I've had:
1.  Waitress at Flaming George Cafe and Motel
2.  Cable TV/Satellite dish installer.  True story.  I would even go up in the bucket truck and fix the cable lines on the telephone poles.  
3.  Lunch Lady at the Hub at USU (really I was the cashier, but Josh called me the Lunch Lady)
4.  Worked on farm in Logan.  Dang I was tough!  He he.
5.  Speech therapist

5 things people don't know about me:
1.  I lose my keys in the couch almost every day. 
2.  I sometimes cry during Hallmark commercials. (but only the REALLY good ones)
3.  I have three crowns and I'm getting close to getting my fourth (yeah, I'm only 25.  Two of them are from when I knocked my teeth out on my eigth birthday, though.  Not my fault!)
4.  I have to choose my outfit for work the night before otherwise I can't get to work on time.
5.  I've been stuck on this question for about an hour now, so I'm either really boring or really open about myself.

And I tag-any of my friends who haven't done this one yet, which is like one.


nomadic gnome said...

I didn't know you used to work in a bucket truck! You should come work with me for public power. Woo! Lineworker Lars!

Yer Pa said...

Don't forget that you lived in Tucson, AZ for six years.

Lars said...

Jules: I was the awesomest bucket truck worker ever!! Except I'm scared of heights, so it didn't always work out that well...
Pa: Funny thing is, I actually did forget that for a second.

grandma king said...

What a great daughter-in-law, a jack of all trades. I know who I am going to call and it isn't ghostbusters!