Sunday, February 17, 2008

Growing up, I had a cat named Snuggles

When I was about eight, there were two things I tried to change with Snuggles: 

1.  Her name.  I wanted her to be Mariah.
2.  The direction her fur grew. 

So I would pet her fur in the opposite direction all day and call her Mariah.  All that happened was she started shedding a whole lot more and got really staticy (?).  And she didn't even acknowledge her new name.

Josh and I were laughing about this story last night, so I decided to share.    


jathan & Heather said...

Mariah??? that's not even a cat name. and lars... changing the direction of fur growth... I thought you were the smarty pants of Manila. We hung out with Julia today... where are you?!?!?

Male parental unit said...

Snuggles was the dumbest cat ever. She would catch mice in the basement, bring them upstairs and turn them loose.

There was no wrong direction to her fur because it had no direction to it at all. Her whole life she looked like she had her tail stuck in an electrical outlet.

As I recall, you were the one who insisted on calling her Snuggles in the first place. You could have called her anything. She would have ignored any name you called her.

That's what happens when you take in stray cats.