Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And I don't eat meat, cause I'm a veterinarian....

So yesterday at work, our office manager (she's 19) told me there was a new patient I needed to evaluate.

OM: Oh, and she's a vegetarian.
Me: Um, OK...(and that relates to speech therapy because???)
OM:  You know, she's like in a coma or something.

Oh, right, that's what it is.  It would be funnier if this weren't her first blonde moment.  When she first started working, she asked me Michigan was the capitol of Utah.  Ha.  

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DeeAura said...

Hahahaha! Oh, I think I'll come work with YOU. My job is only funny like that every once in a while...like this time a guy called me to coordinate a youth conference, and told me he thought the church should send an 18-wheeler out all around the country. People could walk through it, and the things in the truck would tell all about the church. Then at the end, they'd get a Book of Mormon. I laughed out loud on the phone...and he was offended. Because he was serious. SERIOUSLY?!?! :)